Oct. 20, 2021

More Weight Loss, Thoughts on M1 Pro and M1 Max

9:15 PM (of Thursday, October 21st 2021)

Today is Wednesday, October 20th 2021 and it was just another normal day today. I worked for a tiny bit today, but most of the time I was busy doing other things.

In Spanish class today, we went over numbers. I practiced saying numbers from 100 to 999, because I didn't know how to say them until just yesterday when we first went over the numbers, or maybe that was a few days ago. But today, we reviewed them again, and I relearned them again. After the Spanish class, I had to use that knowledge in real life. I went outside to walk a lap around the neighborhood, and a neighbor in her parked car stopped me as I walked by, she called out in English and said "hello" and then I said "hola", and we chat for a bit in Spanish. She asked where I lived, and I gave her my apartment number in Spanish, and I thought that was so cool.

Later, I would also speak to the caretaker of the neighborhood as he was doing some things. We conversed in Spanish for a bit, for like 10 minutes, and I understood most of what he said. Of course he was also acting out what he meant, to help me along, and I was able to converse with him properly. He asked where I was born, if I believed in anything, how I got to come here, and stuff like that.

I was starving throughout the day today, having not eaten anything in over 48 hours. I don't even remember much of what I did other than that. I mean I did work too, but that's pretty much all I remember. Oh, I went to Best Buy and the mall again today with my dad I think, because I wanted to buy an Apple Watch series 7, except they didn't have it yet. I also opened up my old cell phone for the first time in a long time today, and I had a new message in Whatsapp, it was a neighbor telling me I had received mail. Okay, I really need to pick these up. This mail is important. Also I saw that "she" read my message today, I just said her name in WhatsApp with question marks near the beginning of last month, and she never read the message, until today. It just said read at around 4 PM today. So, wow.

It was at Best Buy actually, while I was playing around with their Macbook Pros, that I found out the new Macbook Pro version had come out. Okay, I had to check these out when I got home. So I watched the Apple Event video when I got home, and I was super impressed with their new Macbook Pro M1 Pro and M1 Max. This is the most powerful laptop in the world that they made right here, by a long shot. The problem I would say though, is that, there's no way 99% of the users using that computer would even ever use up even 50% of its power. It's too powerful.

I mean even me, I have a laptop with 128 GB RAM, intel xeon processor, 4 TB SSD storage (from 4 sepaarte SSDs), and an 8gb discrete graphics card (I think it's 8gb), and I barely use up anything more than like 5% of its total power and capacity. Seriously. And this new Macbook Pro M1 Pro and M1 Max are far more powerful than my laptop. I have a MacBook Air that is 8gb ram and 256gb storage and M1 processor, and it is honestly fast enough for literally everything I am doing. Even video editing or whatever, this Macbook Air can do it all already.

Are slow rendering times even a bad thing? I think the slow rendering times gives me time to think about any more improvements I could make, and it might even give me more motivation and push to make the next video. A fast rendering time, it's so fast that I feel like I would be able to crank out these videos too easily and I'd probably put in less effort. Even my super powerful computer takes like 2 hours rendering some videos sometimes, and that gives me more time to think about the next video and gives me more motivation for things. This might be a personal matter though.

After trying out the latest and greatest, and trying out the "old" latest and greatest (latest and greatest from 6 years ago), I would say I got more motivation from either an old latest and greatest, or a current gen but not latest and greatest, or a slower computer in general. I don't know actually, maybe that's just me. I feel like I always accomplished more than others while using weaker machines, because I felt like I had to compensate in a way by having a weaker machine. It's similar to phones. I can't really say I did more on my $1600 iPhone 13 Pro than my old $150 android. This Pro phone is supposed to be used professionally, but I can't say I've done that yet.

Anyway yeah, I really want the new MacBook Pro M1 Pro 16 inch computer, just because it looks cool and it's also the fastest laptop ever (besides the M1 Max), but I don't think I'll be able to do that much with it to be completely honest. I can't imagine me doing anything more than I'm already doing on this MacBook Air. The display would be far better though. Maybe that might make it worth it.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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