Oct. 21, 2021

Entry #1

Today, I ran an errand trying to get last minute supplies for my first pop up show. A local store service reproduction co, ended up giving me 11 tubes for free, where I can curl up my art prints in and give them to the customer that way, easy to transport etc. I was really happy, The lady that helped me, Carol, was in the back when I left but I told the other employees to tell her i said i love her as i was leaving, ha. It was funny to them, and i thought it would be funny to me, but truly i miss saying that. I then went to madcap a local coffee shop, and see one of my best friends Rebekah sitting there, we became noisy in that early morning just rained in shop. It was fantastic to see her and talk to her, I just got done seeing and hanging out with two mutual friends of ours so a part of me felt like I was back a few years ago before my mental health problems were as pronounced. Anyway, i began doodling, and really enjoyed what i was doing, Rebekah thanked me for letting her see and be a apart of what I was doing. Her saying that didn't really hit me until after she left. I am more rooted in my physical body as of late, i really embraced her when we hugged, and even initiated an embrace when conversation became more sentimental. With her, i am not depressed, lonely, sad, have no longings, thats usually how it is when i’m in the company of people. I’m not sure if they know they do that for me. Even peripheral people that work at the stores i buy vegan burritos, sandwiches and teas from. I love sharing, time, space, conversation, gazes, confusion haha, anything. I should tell people more that I appreciate them. I don’t think I care too much about how that may seem weird, it’s honest, and I think intimacy or care, or groundedness however you want to put it is lacking especially in service industry fields. Anyway, hey! While typing this i got an email about how I’m invited to an art exhibit coming up, and both of my submissions got accepted! I HAVE TO PRINT ONE OF THEM!!! Ahhh, the webpage wouldnt let me continue unless I added another piece, and so i just picked my recent one, wow, kind of hilarious. Well on that note, things have been looking pretty good for me. Got my art pop up in two days, and an art show later this month. I’m really doing this, I always enjoyed the freedom of expression when my pencil is in my hand, I’m so happy that theres platforms for me. Well, i’ll catch ya soon. Much love, David.

ill be sure to post pictures of things as well :)

Written by Warmishabelue

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