Feb. 15, 2020

2020/02/15 - Member thank you evening at church

2020/02/15 🍋

Ayearagotoday will have a big update on 20th and I'll wait until then to sign in. Guess I'll have to write a big entry tomorrow covering those few that are lost now.

Today i went to the thank you evening at church. We had lunch, games, worship and laughed a lot. It was nice :) our group won the noodle game [insert picture] .

I finished the GES presentation today, i only have to take notes now.

Also I've got technical shift tomorrow because Stefan can't come



No pictures insertable?

Well, i wanted to put one of our noodle tower...

The task was to create a tower with only a certain amount of noodles and glue tape in 15 minutes, the main goal was to put the marshmallow as high as possible. So sthey didn't say "Build a tower" or anything, but it mas the only way we could think of. But also the thing we build had to stand (on its own) after time ends and not fall down.

Nachtrag 2:

The one on the photo who holds that black thing:

He's is the host of that game and he was measuring the height. I don't know what device that it but it looks pretty useful (if you nead to measure hights in every day life of course...) I have no idea where he got that from.

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Posted On Feb 24, 2020

yay noodle tower (I saw the site had updated for photos and had to scroll down to come see the noodle tower haha)

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