Oct. 23, 2021

Emacs on Mobile

8:04 PM

What a day.

4:08 AM (of Sunday, October 24th 2021)

Today is still Saturday, October 23rd 2021. I woke up at around 8:30 AM, to some Facebook messages from my tutor asking where I was, since I have Spanish lessons at 8 AM for an hour every day. I told her I just woke up (acabo de despertame) and to give me a moment (dame un momento), because I had to use the bathroom first. I came out a few minutes later and went on my computer to start the lesson. Anyway by this point I guess she didn't want to do it anymore, so we decided to just continue the next day.

5:57 AM (of Sunday, October 24th 2021)

After that, I just continued playing around with and setting up my emacs and orgmode setup on my macbook air. I then went on the App Store of my iPhone and I found that there were org mode apps on there, holy shit. I installed beorg and this other one (don't have my phone on me right now), and at first I wasn't that blown away. The more I set it up though, and the more I learned about, I became more and more impressed. So I moved my org files over to iCloud, and opened them up on Emacs, and at the same time opened the same files on my phone, and boom, I was synced across devices. I could make edits on my computer, and then it would reflect on my phone, and vice versa. This blew me away!!!

Yeah this was the coolest feature by far. I didn't even have to refresh emacs or anything, anytime I made changes on my phone, it would also just update automatically on my computer. That was insane. I could now track all my to dos, time log, dailies, everything, on my phone. Well, I'm not going to be tracking anything on beancount on my phone, but other than that, I can organize my full day anywhere now.

So I set up my dailies again, and I did them. Throughout the whole day, I walked, did push ups, did crunches, did planks, and squats. Every workout is easier now. I can do 60 second planks like it was nothing, and I can do 10 push ups like ti was nothing. I weighed 202 pounds this morning too, so I'm not light. Yet I can do all these workouts very easily. I say easily, because I know I could have done more. That wasn't my limit, but I did limit myself. I also did like 200 crunches and 90 squats. I don't know how many crunches I did, for one set I just kept going until I felt sore, and that was probably over 100. I did count my squats though and I did 30 each set.

At around 3 PM, I went over to my old neighborhood because my old neighbor said he had mail for me. I thought it was a super important letter so we went there, and my dad and I waited in front of our old building for over an hour or so, because he was sleeping or something. I kept calling every 10 minutes or so, and texting him, and he wasn't responding. During that time I created the Stealth Launch Facebook page, and the Stealth Launch Twitter page, so I guess it wasn't entirely a waste. I also did workouts in front of the building while we waited.

At home later that evening, I just practiced singing and continued playing around and setting up my schedule and things like that. I found this guy on Fiverr that has over 20 years experience making music, and he has good songs. He can ghost write a song for me for $650, ghost write meaning I get full credits and everything for the song. I would just send him my vocals and lyrics I wrote, and he would make a song around it. So that entire night I just kept practicing singing, and trying to come up with songs and song lyrics. It's really hard.

I recorded myself on my phone as I sang along to some music, I used headphones so my phone wouldn't record any of the song and only record my voice trying to sing, and I sounded like a 5/10. I didn't sound terrible, like I wasn't complete garbage, but I wasn't good either. I asked my dad to rate me and he rated me 6/10. He rated his own singing a 2/10 and I rated his singing a 0/10, really bad singing, can't even sing in rhythm to the song. I think other people would probably rate me worse, but honestly I don't think I sound that bad. I'm not good, but I don't sound shit.

And that was pretty much my whole day. I am still blown away by how I am able to complete all my daily scheduling, tasks, everything on my phone and it would sync on my laptop too. That is crazy.

Written by JustMegawatt

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