Oct. 24, 2021

Writing a Song is Really Hard

9:15 PM

Yesterday I wrote about how I contacted a ghost writer for music and was ready to write some song lyrics and sing. I went to Best Buy today and bought a $120 microphone that I could use to record singing vocals with, and I spent several hours today trying to write songs and sing along to them. It's really difficult. Sometimes I come up with a catchy way to sing certain lyrics, and then I would look up some songwriting tips online, come back to what I wrote, and then completely forget to sing it.

You can't really tell how to sing a song based on just reading some text. Here is an example of a song (Reflections by Misterwives):

Put me on the shelf, discipline myself, To let the sparks die out, Shattering anything, That has reflections of you.

What's hard to tell about that, is the parts "Shattering Anything", is sung like this "Shattereh-ing Anytheh-ing". It's not just the words "shattering anything" but the "ing" parts of those words are repeated.

On the next line, "That has reflections of you", the you is sung like "you-ou-ou-ou-ou"

So that's what happened to me. I would hum along a song, while creating some matching lyrics going at a certain pace and beat, and pausing or extending on some words more or less, and I would write down only the lyrics. When I would come back to the song later, I don't even remember how to sing it. I would just sing along to what's written down which are just some words, but I'm not able to reproduce how it originally sounded.

Written by JustMegawatt

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