Oct. 25, 2021

Wrote a Song and Started Negotiations with Ghost Writer

8:12 PM

How is it already 8 PM? What is going on? The time went by so fast. I barely even noticed. The whole day was challenging. I did all my workouts again so far, I still have to do them for tonight. I can't skip a single session because that would be a waste.

I had my Spanish lessons again today. My Spanish lessons have basically been mostly me talking about myself and my life, my problems, stuff I'm doing, ideas I have, and my tutor most of the time is just listening, saying some comments every now and then. Like 95% of the time I am talking and it's all about me and stuff I'm going through. I always share my screen and show her stuff on my computer. She is very cool in my opinion to put up with all that I talk about, I always apologize to her for talking about myself and my life problems all the time, but she says it's no problem and she doesn't mind.

I showed her today that I was thinking of hiring a musician ghost writer to write a song for me and get credit for the song, but of course I would write the lyrics and sing the vocal parts. I also showed her that I could also hire a book ghost writer author and do the same, get credit for a book. But she saw the price for hiring a ghost writer author and it was expensive at $4000 for a 50,000 word book. I told her that wasn't much, and that was actually a reasonable price, but she said that was too expensive. I then showed her the car listings we have here, and cars go up to over $50,000 easily for a used SUV car. Even older cars are selling for $20,000 or more, and these are 2012 cars. There was a 1992 truck we saw listed for over $10,000.

Anyway sometimes she also talks about her problems. Well, I shouldn't write about her problems on here. But yeah, we all got something. She asks me why I don't fly to other countries or whatever considering I have enough money to do that, and I tell her I can't fly so freely because of the pandemic. Actually, it's probably more because I'm fat. I don't talk about that enough with her or anyone else. That's literally what I consider the worst problem I have right now. I'm pathetic.

10:18 PM

The whole day I was basically thinking about that 1-2 hour task my boss/client sent me. I still haven't done it yet. It's seriously taking a while and it's a lot harder than a 1-2 hour task. If it were that easy, I would have done it all right now, instantly.

I also negotiated with a book ghost writer, and we came to an agreement. She sent some of her sample work and I liked them. I found a ghost writing contract online and used that as a template, made some modifications to make it apply to our current deal and negotiation, signed it myself, and sent it to her for her part to sign. She just sent it back over to me signed and sent me the offer. I just have to pay now.

10:49 PM

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I used Apple Pages to create this ghost writer contract. I LOVED IT. OMG. I don't think Apple gets enough credit. These apps come for free on every Apple device: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. These are Microsoft Office alternative apps to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, but for free.

12:09 AM (of Tuesday, October 26th 2021)

I wrote a long today too. It must've been around 1 PM, I was trying for the longest time to come up with some lyrics. And then some lyrics just came to mind, along with a singing style (like, how to sing those lyrics), so I recorded myself and typed up the lyrics right away in case I forget. Even now when I just look at the lyrics to read, I don't remember the singing style of how to sing it. Anyway, I sent these off to the music ghost writer and paid them to make a song out of these lyrics.

I also spent a lot of time looking for an artist that can do an artwork of me, so I can use that as cover art. The thing I'm most unhappy with is my appearance, so I asked childishly for every artist I messaged, to give me six pack abs and make me look cool and sexy. That was super important to me. I sound so freaking childish when I message them though. Here's an example of something I said:

" I would love to be drawn as an anime character like your artwork (attached).

Can you draw me like that? Except facing front, and give me like 6 swords and six pack abs and muscles and looking very hot and cool. Can you add "MEGAWATT" in the back in a cool style? And give me headphones and cool tech watch and fancy clothing?"

Yeah. Really childish sounding, but I don't care. Here's another message I sent another artist:

"I am looking for anime artwork. Can you draw me as an anime character? I want to look cool, hot, with a sword or two. Wearing modern day clothing like hoodie and jeans, and headphones. Six pack abs. Can you make me do some action and also give a cool background like these images you did? Give me power over lightning if that helps for the theme And it should say "MEGAWATTZ" in the back."

Oh, I also hired this other artist to make this cool drawing of me in a hypothetical room with a bunch monitors and technology stuff. I don't know how good it will be, but based on her artwork it's going to be good, and I want to make it my Facebook cover photo once it's done. I gave her a really detailed description of what I wanted. I hope it comes out well.

Anyway that was my whole day today. I just browsed Fiverr most of the day looking for people to hire to do stuff for me.

Written by JustMegawatt

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