April 25, 2020





We went shopping to get "Backpulver" and sugar. I couldn't find "Backpulver" but just Vanillin-sugar. And we brought the letters to the post office. I still have to finish mine for the KG. I don't know what to write. And we have this action that we write nice cards, bring them to church and they'll gather them and then bring to the senor's home thing to make them happy. So I have to make one too but of course not just like it but I want to put love into it.

Now, after my little brother wakes up he'll get the Donut or, it's not really a donut. The tag said sth with cocoa filled ball. It looks like a Donut without the hole. On the chocolate glaze are smartie pieces. I saw it at the bakeries shelf thing (in Penny, that baking goods area) and wasn't sure so I went by to get drinks... But I had this strong feelin to buy it for him. I'm sure he'll be happy. I even cried a little - not obvious I think. I don't know, maybe this wasn't from me. But sometimes what we have to do is so easy if we think about it.

Maybe I can skip cleaning the bathroom floor, it sounded from my mother like that if I come take a walk with her.


I finished spanish homework and half of the WIF homework. The last task is to program a colourful figurine... I don't know what to choose, especialy, because it's so difficult. I tried drawing a coordinate system on paper but, it's just too many orders u need to use and it's too unsecure... How can I know that the result will look good and not like my previous attempts...


oh my is it late...

I just wrote down which books I wanted to read. Were fewer than I thought. So I looked for our local bookstore on the internet as there is one book I still need to buy. I rated the first part :) 5 stars of course :D

I use Habitica to note down my to-dos mainly and only use this side for long-term stuff like to read a book or like the term paper. It would get too much otherwise.


Written by Plesi`

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