Oct. 29, 2021

Hockey and Amanda Young! +braces actually hurt a frick ton

I haven't taken the time to write, and to be fair I haven't given journalling much thought in the first place. School has taken all my time, and... Cosplay, of course. I've been busy getting materials for my Amanda Young (From Saw) cosplay together, and I'm actually wearing it right now!

It was actually pretty easy. I found a purple shirt for 5 dollars, bought it, cut off the sleeves and added the red ribbon to the sleeves, so I could keep them up my arms better I atually used some velcro. I already had a skirt and knee highs, so now I only had the beartrap left! Luckily, I found one for a rather cheap 30 dollars, a latex replica, and it is a tiny bit big, but it looks alright! Except... It's shiny, like a golden metallic color, the wires don't look right at all and there's no timer on the back. Well, no one recognizes it anyway, so I'm the only one bothered by it.

I'm actually leaving school early today. In 2 1/2 hours, my dad's going to pick me up and take me home. I'll stock up on some cold drinks and foods (just got braces yay) and then off we go! We're going on a bus trip with some other hockey fans up to Jönköping, which will take a few hours. I have to bring my own food like smoothies and stuff, cause I can't eat properly with the braces I got yesterday.

And about the braces... I got them yesterday in the morning. IT was fine, it only was a really annoying sound when they polished the teeth and all... And don't forget the cracked lips being pulled at constantly. I was super happy, especially because I got this nice teal color for the rubber bands, but four hours later... I wasn't as happy anymore. I heard some noise, and went to put on some wax a bit later cause it was scratching my lip whenever I talked. Turned out one of the brackets didn't want to stick to the tooth, so it was just hanging on the wire! Luckily, we could cut the wire and stuff at home since there was no glue residue, but it hurt a lot because there are so many sharp ends in my mouth!

That's all I have for today, really. I might write another entry tomorrow to update how the hockey went, but other than that, I'm out!

Written by Fullmetal61

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