April 25, 2020

So, this is how I can boost my mood. Finally found the way.

Hello there....

You don't know me, and I don't know you, but destiny bring you here ;-)

Hope this benefit your life.


Today Highlight :

This is new record. Not sleeping again after wake up ate 3:00 AM. The thing is I am sleep at 11++ PM yesterday, so for arround 3-4 Hour resting.

I can feel my body exhausting, I know, but I still have spirit to do more. I want to push my self to it's limit.

But then at 12:30 PM, because of my exhausted body I feel to like to lying down and suddenly fall sleep after that.

I woke up at 13:30, ah, feel like failed to push my self. And I lose my energy, I want to continue sleeping.

But then, before doing that I remember that I have many list task that I need to do.

I remember that I want to change, I want to being better.

And it will not happen if I do what I usually do, so I need to do something else. And that's clicked my mind, aha..

I need to do something else, usually I will rest, and make my exhausted body as excuse.

I need do something else to get my energy boosted again. Then I remember my morning ritual, get some exercise and listening upbeat music.

I take my phone, I search for "upbeat morning music", I try my mind and body sync with music rhythm.

I move my body, doing any move or dance that sync with rhythm, enjoying the music, feel the emotion.

I added it with some affirmation. "I am ready today.. I am happy today, yeaaah".

This experience make me feel and understand, I know what to do when this thing happen in the next time.

My mind experience it, my body feel it, I am grow, being better of my self.

One step ahead for being best of my version self.

Activity Review :

Today review ...

3:00 = Wake up, take a morning bath, praying shalat

4:00 = Eat Sahur the pray Fajr, read quran and zikr al matsurat.

6:00 = Morning ritual, exercise

7:00 = Go to market, buy raw food and fruit.

8:00 = Doing task, repair window, added it with curtain. Repair door, change door handle.

11:30 = Go to barbershop to shave hair. Back home and fall a sleep. Woke up then pray Dhuhr.

14:00 = Washing cloth, and sandal, pray Ashr and then take a bath. Waiting maghrib while listening preaching.

18:00 = Iftar, pray maghrib, eat, pray isya, pray sunnah

20:30 = Write code, do some task of habitica challenge.


Thanks for your patient reading until this point. :D

I hope you get your life well, and blessed by God.

Written by kangfarih

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Posted On Apr 25, 2020

AW :D You listened to our fellow friend on the other post :D That's so sweet and cute :3 GO man :D ! You can do it :D!

Posted On Apr 26, 2020

@pinenutes Uhh.. Can't say a thing, just thanksss.. :D
I just happy that you coming all the way here and left something good..

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