Oct. 29, 2021

Transferred over property from Megawatt Apps to Stealth Launch

12:15 AM (of Sunday, October 31st 2021)

Today is Friday, October 29th 2021. I announced on some social media websites that Megawatt Apps is going to be defunct at the end of this month, and that all assets and rights are transferred to Stealth Launch LLC for all the products and everything. I have no idea if like, I'm supposed to do it in a more formal way, but technically both companies are mine under sole proprietorship, so I hope it's legally enforceable that I transferred over the assets from one of my companies to another of my companies in this way.

Here are the Stealth Launch social media links by the way:




That was all I remember of today. I mean, i was the only thing that stood out. I had Spanish tutoring again this morning. I still didn't finish the remaining 50% of the 1-2 hours assignment. I recall enjoying myself 3-4 times today. I didn't go outside at all the whole day. Oh yeah, I was able to access my super old YouTube account. I'm going to use that channel to upload the music video of my song once it's done.

Written by JustMegawatt

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