Oct. 31, 2021

Did Finals Exam, Renewed Megawatt Apps, Did "that" for last time

10:02 PM (of Monday, November 1st 2021)

Today is Sunday, October 31st 2021. Today is significant. It's Halloween, sure, but also the last day before Daylight's Savings Time. and one day before World Vegan Day. Two personal reasons why today is significant for me though is today is the day of my final exam for the only college class I'm taking. Today is also the last day before I can renew Megawatt Apps before it becomes defunct. To run a registered business, you have to pay a yearly fee to the government. The fee was really due on August 15th for me, but i decided not to pay, so they sent me another notice saying I had until October 31st or else the company is automatically closed forever, no disputes allowed.

I had Spanish lessons again today, and today we tried having Spanish lessons while I was walking outside. So I just called my tutor up on facebook and we chat in voice for a bit. However, there are a bunch of satellites here in this neighborhood, some of them have probably been there for years, originally pointing upwards, but after years of wear in the sun and rain, now slouching down pointing at some sidewalks and even the road where I walk. It is so very clear that whenever I walk in the path of some satellites, the call just disconnects. I mean it doesn't disconnect instantly, it tries to reconnect for about 30 seconds, but it's unable to unless I walk out of the satellites' direct path.

This wasn't the first time this happened either. It happened when that other friend called me a few days ago, and I was walking outside. I don't know if I wrote about it, but I walked and talked with him, and each time I went under the satellite's path, it would just be silence. We called through the regular phone call method, so no 4g or 3g data signals like through messenger, and the call would just go silent every time I walked right where a satellite was pointing. and would be back up after I walked passed it.

So after learning that, I try my best now to avoid those satellite paths. Maybe I am getting affected radioactively by them each time I walk by them? Who knows? the signals are strong enough to disrupt my phone calls, so maybe!

Anyway, I went back home and continued having Spanish lessons at home. I can pretty much understand like 70% of everything said. Based on that, I can reasonably guess what the rest of the 30% means, based on the intonation and subject of the rest of the words. So, that's cool. It still takes a while sometimes, but I am getting there.

Then I went through the rest of the day not doing much else. I did go outside and walked for a bit in the evening after the sun went down, maybe for an hour or two. I just kept walking back and forth this street in my neighborhood that I think didn't have any satellites pointing at it, but who knows.

I started studying for my final exam in my Algorithms class at around 8 or 9 PM. Yes I procrastinated like heck again. I studied until I knew every single answer to every question in every review exam. And then at around 10:30 PM, I started the exam. Well, I can't say what was in the exam, but let's say I was prepared enough after just an hour and a half of studying. And after an hour, I submitted the exam and I got an 80% on the exam. Okay I wasn't super prepared, I thought I knew the right answers for all, but apparently got them some questions wrong.

It was around 11:30 PM, and I was like. Today is the last day before my old business becomes defunct. Well, I read some reading on the Code of Virginia legal business laws and articles. According to Article 13, I can shut down a business by submitting articles of dissolution, and there are a bunch of steps involved, such as properly transferring assets, selling properties, and liquidating all assets, stuff like that. Well I think the way I thought I could do it, was not formal enough. So I renewed the business at around 11:37 PM, so officially Megawatt Apps is still up for another year, but I want to formally close it down before the end of this year.

I also was so relieved about these two big things that just finished, that I purchased some pornographic videos for around $60. I have probably spent $2000 or so on pornographic videos this year, which is the most I've ever spent on these videos by the way. Porn is one of the biggest industries on the Internet by the way, so though I didn't like spending money on this, and I'm probably the only person every saying it, I'm by far not the only person spending their money on porn, though other people will never admit it. Lots of people spend thousands on OnlyFans for example and I have never even used that site once, I don't think I ever even visited the homepage.

I spent like a few hundred dollars last year on porn videos though, and zero every other year before that, but I spent a lot more this year. It was due to Pornhub removing 99% of its videos which limited my enjoyment to new content. And I found a few websites which had some awesome videos and released some new ones every now and then, but I had to pay to access them. And yeah some videos I buy are like $50 for one video, others are $30 for one video, though the majority are probably $20 and under for one video.

Anyway, the videos I got tonight were amazing.... I dedicated this day to be the last day I ever did "that". It's also No Nut November starting tomorrow, so I have to try I guess. Also I'm starting a fast tomorrow, not eating anything and only drinking water, and I said I wanted to do it for 30 days, but I doubt I will make it that long. There is an activity I might do on Saturday, I said I would, but if I am fat, I do not want to go. I hate going outside and doing anything social as a fat person, it sucks. So I am water fasting for at least 5 days, hopefully I can drop at least 10 pounds before then in 5 days. I think I look acceptable at 190 pounds. People say I already look fine at 200 pounds, but I am not happy at this weight, I am so fat.

Written by JustMegawatt

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