Nov. 1, 2021

Started Water Fasting Again

11:44 PM

I started water fasting again today. I ate nothing the whole day, even up until now. I did my usual workouts, and I walked outside for around 2-3 hours. After reading some posts on Quora though, it's best not to do any strength workouts after 3 days of water fasting, but walking should be fine.

This is weird, but I can do around 20% of a pull up right now, while weighing 200 pounds. Holy shit. Like, where did this strength suddenly come from? By 20%, I mean, I can't really do a pull up, but I sort of can move myself up a little bit, and just hang there with my arms in 90 degree position like an L, for a few seconds. I don't ever recall ever being able to do this before. But, now I can? What, the, fuck??? I don't even train on pull ups at all, maybe under five times total the past few months.

Also, I can do push ups really really well now. I can put my entire body flat on the ground. Of course it's a little difficult because I am fat and my stomach always touches the ground first as I lower myself down, but I lower myself all the way down without resting my weight, and then lift up, and I can do this 10 times. That is insane!!! I am freaking strong right now. I weigh 200 pounds and can do these perfect form push ups, ten times in a row. That's pretty amazing I would say. In April or so, I could not even do a single push up at 220 pounds. Now I can do 10 perfect form push ups at 200 pounds. I can also hold a proper plank for 2 minutes and other feats at 200 pounds, which is supposed to be hard at this weight to do these things. I feel powerful for sure. I did 25 push ups total today (I only did 5 in the last set because I was fasting and felt like maybe I shouldn't go all out).

Today was also World Vegan Day. I was supposed to renew the Habitica challenges again today, and I was planning on posting "Happy World Vegan Day!" along with the updates, but I was too busy with so many other things. The whole day I was doing stuff, although it's hard to recall everything. Everything is just a blur, even when I do things, it's still just a blur.

Oh, I went to Wal-Mart with my dad today. too. We bought $200 worth of emergency food with long shelf life, just in case. I probably already have over a year's worth of food here, mainly rice and beans, some canned tomatoes, a bunch of water. The rice can last 30 years, and the beans last infinity, like seeds, they are forever edible. You can have a seed from 5000 years ago, plant it, and a plant will grow, same concept with beans. You can eat beans raw too but you have to sprout them, which is just putting them in a container and adding water, then emptying the water, and doing that for 3-4 days straight until roots and a leaf starts to form, and boom edible plants with greatly increased nutrition profile and no cooking.

In the Spanish lessons today, we went over how to tell time. It's weird, this is like a beginner thing, but I never learned it in school. I know how to say the time now and everything. Also, I am very comfortable with Spanish now. I can pretty much read a sign and I would know what it means, and I can almost listen to a conversation and understand what they're talking about.

So I was hungry the whole day today, but yeah I didn't eat anything. I just drank some water. Gonna try to keep this up for 30 days, but I will probably relent after a week. It's really hard, but I need to do this to lose weight.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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