Nov. 2, 2021

october gratitude

hard to believe all of this is the same month. it feels like it's been several months packed into one. but hey, here we are, we made it to the end

  1. our offer on a condo was accepted!!!
  2. took a walk in the cool after a rain. heard the geese honking as they fly south. they make quite a racket, but it’s a nostalgic sound
  3. yesss I got my headphones back. it’s so good to be able to listen to music properly and not through my tinny laptop speaker
  4. I already said this yesterday but MUSIC IS SO GOOD
  5. whew, house inspection didn’t reveal any major problems
  6. chocolate-covered coconut almonds
  7. re-reading Harrow the Ninth. so good
  8. apple pie & ice cream, the quintessential American dinner
  9. happy columbus day! woop day off work
  10. watching worlds with hgr, an old classic
  11. razanei hit 500 pups! (with a black sage pairbond assist after his retirement as stud) got some cute colorbomb disasters in his final litter, including a black merle skypup with losna aurora
  12. a walk in the cool evening air. starting to feel a bit like fall
  13. reading The Name of All Things
  14. made chicken spaghetti for dinner. a delicious home-cooked meal
  15. a monster’s expedition! monster’s off to see the world
  16. it’s the last day of winter. the food market is going crazy. this is the life
  17. on to the third book, The Memory of Souls. I’m not sure why I’m bingeing this series so hard but it feels good to be caught up in something
  18. Jem’s come to visit. glad to see he’s doing well and to touch base. looks like he and Shelvin had a great time in Iceland
  19. arby’s for lunch (ft. chicken bacon swiss, curly fries, and mozzarella sticks)
  20. now that we’re getting proper October weather, it’s nice that the guest bedroom is the warmest room in the house. it’s perfect for a cozy afternoon nap
  21. drawing wolf fanart for the mspaint thread
  22. beef curry for lunch and a snug afternoon nap afterwards
  23. a nice chill day. no plot developments, no drama. just sitting here reading a book and listening to music
  24. finally making progress on my work project! still working out the details, but I’ve hashed out a rough outline of how to get where I need to go
  25. today’s fanart: the Claw of Janloon with a mouthful of fake Phil Collins concert tickets
  26. HGR’s doing a draft playthrough of Labyrinth of Touhou 2 with the DT3 squad, big excitement
  27. a long afternoon walk outside. finished catching all sizes of Pumpkaboo! (I love the name Pumpkaboo and the size mechanic. blobs are everywhere in this world)
  28. Popeye’s chicken sandwich for lunch! definitely a step up from a McChicken
  29. re-reading The House of Always, lmao the prologue actually makes sense now
  30. big mocha mug!
  31. we are CLEARED FOR CLOSING :o
  32. finished Call Down the Hawk, good stuff
  33. bought a gen 2 chaser boy, 477 base stats with 131/131 spd/agi and white merle. gonna be handsome in galena. we’re living it up
  34. also Irrigo gave us a stunning black merle sky stalker
  35. productive day of packing. we’re getting it done
  36. went to olive garden. I got the “tour of Italy” (alfredo, lasagna, and chicken parm) and it was fantastic
  37. also Mom made an apple pie and it’s SO much better than the lucky moon pie
  38. record-breaking book month! 4550 pages read, consisting of: the first four books in the Chorus of Dragons series, Call Down the Hawk, The Gutter Prayer, The Stepford Wives, Nothing But Blackened Teeth, Spill Zone #1-2, and a re-read of Harrow the Ninth

Written by Achaius

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