April 25, 2020

Am I A Pro Cyclist?


Whenever I ride my bike, maybe it's just today, but honestly I feel like I'm just exceptionally fast and no one can pass me or keep up. I went to that park again today, and I forgot to bring a camera because I didn't expect to ride for a long time today. Anyway today the park was very crowded, much more crowded than yesterday. Yes the road was still closed, but to the sides of the entrance were like 50 cars or more. Both sides of the road were filled with cars parked to the side of it, and there were hundreds of people in the park and walking around.

Upon entering the road that lead to the park, there were probably 10 other cyclists at the stop light, not everyone going in the same direction, some like me were going in and others were going out. This is the entrance road, around a third of a mile before the road blockage. There were some cars driving out, probably forced to turn around due to the road ahead being closed and no parking anywhere, and I just imagined the thought going through their heads like "what is up with all these cyclists?!" because there were so many of us. I was really shocked at how many cyclists there were. Where did these guys come from?

So I live near this park, like it's within walking distance of my home, and it is deserted 99% of the time. What the heck was going on, that today there were 50+ cars parked and hundreds of people walking around inside?! Honestly I have no clue what was going on. The park road is closed, and yet people were just parking to the side and taking the sidewalk entrance in which was completely open.

I bicycled around, passing by other cyclists, other runners, and I explored every bit of the park. Why I think I'm above average in cycling, is because I literally pass every cyclist I encounter. It doesn't matter if they're a mile ahead and have a head start, I catch up to them and pass them. No way can I do those BMX tricks off ramps and do tricks off high places, I can't even do a U-Turn by making a right turn, but I can catch up and pass people. After exploring the entire park, I exited again, and there were yet again a bunch of other people I passed. At one point there was this like giant crowd of like 20 people that was really hard to get by, good thing I wore a mask. Just what is going on?!

Upon exiting the park I decided to cycle for a lot longer. I went uphill through this difficult course. Am I just a super pro or something, but I never struggled going uphill and I never had to stand up and grind. Every cyclist I encountered going up these hills were standing up and strugling to climb. I just climbed so easily. It was a for sure tiring, but I never had to stand up and grind like everyone else. I have no idea what my power output in watts is because I don't have a power meter, but I just dominate the hills. Am I a pro cyclist or is every other cyclist I encounter just a beginner? Actually I can't even turn better than most people, but I can probably pass them. I can run a 9 minute mile at my fastest running, which is really slow, but I can pass everyone on a bike? Is my bike faster, technique better, or are they just not trying?

Written by JustMegawatt

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