Nov. 4, 2021


Things I’m grateful for (today)

  1. food (got me some spicy chicken & spag from mcdo, a treat from my mom)
  2. my trusted friends, who’s always there for me to laugh and share things
  3. My class/section, whom I am blessed to be with (they’re so kind and helpful)
  4. My new friends I’ve met, whose fun to be with and helpful (I hope we get to meet up soon ^^)
  5. Myself, for not giving up, being kind to myself, and not letting anger control me
  6. My bro, who gives me a slap of real life advice lol
  7. My parents, who always work hard and provide needs (I wish they could live a longer life <3)
  8. To Him 👆thank you G for everything (for all the blessings we receive and for protecting, guiding, & helping us through life)

Written by s_t_4_r

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