April 25, 2020

Mah head is on fire D:

I don't understand why I always get a headache when I work out @.@ Like even today, once I was done with my lesson on Private Law and got up and got ready to work out, my head started to ache @.@ I did my exercises anyways, my body needs to work harder to stop me, but it just baffles me a little xD Maybe my period is coming? I read some messages today and for some reason I was on the verge of crying xD Also I'm bloated and have been farting ALOT for the past two days D: Meh we shall see, and I will write it down here u.u Mostly so I can track my period and also to give you guys too much information xD haha

Nothing happened today either. Life has officially turned mundane, but not in a bad way: I'm getting used to waking up and plunging myself into work, whether it be my studies or chores. I don't have the longing of going out anymore, like I did at the beginning of the quarantine. I still want to go out, but not like before where I couldn't stand the idea of not being able to go out. I don't know, it's weird to explain? Like I want to go out, but I already know when they will let us be free to walk around I'll be a lazy bum and not want to go out xD? I guess it depends also on the occasion. I would like to see my boyfriend, but I am also scared of how he's going to be super clingey xD I am not ready to be hugged for 6 hours out of 6, since I'm not used to it anymore xD But I do miss laying on the bed next to him, talking about whatever pops out of our heads @.@ We shall see xD

So I was actually planning to talk about a comic tonight. But I don't have the head nor the will to write down my thoughts without me sounding like an infant child xD So I'll postpone it for tomorrow xD

Goodnight :3

Written by pinenutes

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Posted On Apr 26, 2020

Waiting for comic talk tomorrow.. :D

Posted On Apr 26, 2020

I don't know if you're into yoga, but its sounds like you could use the wind relieving pose!
I get what you mean. We aren't in a full lockdown here, but even when it ends I don't think I'll want to go anywhere for a while. I'm getting used to it.

Posted On Apr 30, 2020

@Cayst NUOO XD Don't get used to it xD Don't do iiiit xD ! I have no idea what the wind relieving pose is, but I'll try it next time my head wants to explode :3 thank you :3

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