Nov. 3, 2021

Song Done, A Very Different Postitive Day

12:05 AM (of Thursday, November 4th 2021)

Today is Wednesday, November 3rd 2021. Today was an excellent day. When I woke up, it wasn't so great though. I was awoken at around 4 PM by a mosquito buzzing loudly around my ear. I literally screamed out loud from sleep and was like "AHHH!" trying to swat it away. There were so many mosquitoes today. I cleaned up some things in the morning, and I was wearing shorts and sandals and a t-shirt, I had to climb onto this ladder for some things, and when I got down I had so many bites on my leg. So I taped up the sides, tops, and bottoms of the doors so that mosquitoes couldn't come in by flying all the way up or down a door, or going in through a slit on the sides somehow.

Since I was so sleepy in the morning from waking up so early, there was one point where I just sat down on the couch and waited for any mosquito to come by, guarding my legs and arms, just paying attention to see if any mosquitoes came. Two of them came, and I was able to get them both with patience. Hunting mosquitoes is really not easy, they don't come until you least expect them. I was literally just hyperfocused on my arms and legs for like 20 minutes straight, waiting for any small flying thing to land on them, and I would've whacked it. Throughout the day I would get 2 more mosquitoes by luck, so literally I got 4 mosquitoes today, and they were all at home. Where are they coming from??

In the morning too, I received the finished version of my song I ordered. The only thing I worked on was the song and lyrics and overall theme, but the instrumental I paid someone else to ghost write it, so I get full credit for the song. Anyway, it was cringe at first when I heard it, but now I've listened to it probably 30 times today, and it does not sound that terrible. I like it in fact, the song can be found here:

I did a video chat with my tutor today, with my webcam. Usually I put tape on top of it, this time for some reason, I just took it off and so we could webcam chat. I showed her around my home for a bit, mainly just the living room because that was the cleanest area here. I showed off my TV and Apple TV, and how I was able co control turning the TV on or off just using my laptop or phone or tablet, thanks to Apple TV. I could also change the program to anything I want, like even a YouTube video, from any of my Apple Devices.

I showed off my VR Headset, and I even showed off the completed song. She said it was okay, but couldn't hear it that well through the video chat we were doing. Then the lesson ended 10 minutes early because there was a blackout for no reason, and all the electricity and my Internet died. It came back around 10-20 minutes later.

For some reason, I sent this female high school classmate of mine a message, and we started chatting again. I don't think I've written about her before, but we've had several hours long chats the past month or so. Like 4 hour chats through text or around that long. Yeah. Today I asked her if she was free to call, so she called me up and we talked for around two hours. We may start dating in the future, just saying.

My phone call ended at around 2 PM, right before a work meeting with two clients. I lied down for around 10 minutes, because I was on a phone call for like 2 hours and 30 minutes, and I was kinda exhausted. Socializing drains me a bit. Then I joined the meeting.

We talked about the bugs and other issues they were having that I needed to fix. So they would share their screen, and just tell me the issue they were having, and then would try to replicate it live by following certain steps. During some very long set up or loading screen processes, I would randomly talk about some things I was doing, like I told them I made this song recently, and they were both extremely shocked and excited. I also talked about the book on luck I was writing, and they were still further shocked. They were both really impressed with me and really wanted to hear the song, and I didn't think I would share it with them, but after I shared it on FaceBook everywhere, I decided to just share it with them too.

I got positive comments from everyone I sent the song to. I sent it to a bunch of friends, and I sent it to those two clients, and I posted it on Facebook publicly. The one negative thing was someone said my voice sounded too monotone, which was true. This is a breakup song by the way, it is supposed to be an energizing / motivational song about moving on and doing better. That's the entire concept of the song. I did this project entirely for fun, and I thought it was so worth it because I got so much attention from people afterwards. I think that's cool.

Since I liked the results from this song so much, I decided to order more songs. So I thought up some ideas and concepts for the next songs, and got to work looking for the right gigs to get the song made. The next two songs I make will be extremely good and much more professional compared to this one. I'm not going to use myself as the singer this time, and I'm not going to have myself be the lyricist this time around either. So I am offloading all of the work for these songs to ghost writers, and I am just paying them to create what they're good at, and I would get the full credit for having written and made the song.

So yeah, there will be two new very good songs coming out soon from Megawattz I think. I am spending like $600 a song or something like that for these new song versions. For each song, the artwork was $120, the background instrumental was $150, the lyricist will be $200, and the singer will be like $150. So around $600 each for these new songs, around $1200 for both. But I think that will be worth it. I am actually just doing these songs for fun, because it is so much fun. I love bringing these creations and ideas to reality. I can't make them myself, because I'm not as good as these people in their respective fields, but I can hire them to make stuff for me I guess, that I would take full credit for. So yeah, I would own these songs and have full rights and everything to them, as if had I made them entirely myself.

I think it's fair, I am the one that came up with the concept for these songs, and I'm paying them to make these songs a reality, and it's not cheap. It's like my previous company hired me to do work for them, even though I did all the work, the company retains all credits and rights to those works I produced for that company. So it's the same concept here. So I have no problem hiring ghost writers and taking full credit for the songs' creation, and I'm writing it here publicly anyway that I am doing this, it's not a fact I'm hiding.

Anyway, I literally spent the rest of the time just talking to people to hire until I found the right candidates. I literally spent like 6 hours just chatting with potential people to work with on these songs. I hired a few of them, and now there's some stuff in progress that they are working on. I can't wait until the next song is completed, which will take about two weeks per song. The next song should be out by November 18th or so, and then the next one after that will be in December. I can't wait.

Anyway that was my day today. It was a very good day today, I enjoyed today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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