Nov. 4, 2021

Day Went By Fast

6:03 AM (of Friday, November 5th 2021)

Today is Thursday, November 4th 2021 and I barely remember today. I think I just spent most of the day browsing the Internet and going through different gigs again. I messaged the two EDM ghost writer artists I hired and gave them different songs to use as reference. I read this article in the morning called "A Therapist explains what it's exactly like to listen to your gut" and that's something I've always wanted to learn how to do. I've tried to follow this advice of listening to your gut, from the earliest memory I have learning that intuition is stronger than conscious thought most of the time in decision making, and I learned that around 10th grade when I was 16.

For pretty much every life decision since, I would "follow by gut" but that has been unclear to me this whole time. I would just do things if I had really strong emotional feelings towards it, and I considered that "trusting my gut" but it's really vague. The article describes it more concretely saying that listening to your gut is overall feeling either "expansive" for yes or "contractive" for no, throughout the whole body, not just your gut. It's still unclear to me even now after I read the article, but it's been a bit helpful in pinning down an exact "feeling".

It doesn't work exactly like a "yes" or "no" wheel, like I can't just ask a question to myself and feel either "expansive" or "contractive" right away. But I felt this sense that I should swap the music assignments I gave to the two music ghost writers I hired. So that's what I did, I swapped their assignments. Maybe this will turn out better? I don't know. I just got this sense that I should do that. It took several hours by the way for this, it wasn't instant, since they're not online 24/7, I had to wait like 2-3 hours before they reply back and review their new assignments.

The rest of the day all I remember is browsing the Internet a bunch. My boss/client set up this meeting for us at 2 PM, and I forgot I was an hour ahead since daylights savings time. So I was there at 2 PM my time, but it was only 1 PM his time. So I did some more browsing, and then took a nap, I woke up at 3:06 PM and went on my computer, he sent an invite to 2:30 PM (3:30 PM my time) and I showed up to that new meeting. He didn't show up the whole time I was there though. I stayed in that chat room for like 2 hours, watching music videos while waiting.

I have been enjoying music and songs a lot more lately. I really like Justin Bieber's new song STAY. Apparently it came out a few months ago, but I haven't been keeping up with the latest pop music, but it's a really good song. I found it by watching an AMV, and I thought it was made my some unknown artists, and that it was probably a 6 year old song. When I found out it was by Justin Bieber and this year, I was shocked. What a really good song with really good lyrics. It's how I feel or felt about "her".

Also I watched anime today. I watched Season 2 of "Mob Psycho 100" and it was good. I would cry at the end of some episodes, while thinking about the past relationship I had. I would literally cry tears. Very emotional.

The rest of the time I looked for a lyricist for the song and probably did some other things. I did "that" three times or so today. I ate a bunch too. I haven't been gaining any weight at all the past week even though I ate so much, so I took it to the next level today. I probably ate 5000 calories of junk food today. Geezus. Yeah. Anyway, that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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