April 26, 2020

Habitica Challenge: Good thing I'm a Rogue

I'm a procrastinator and I always fail to complete my task. And y'all know how great the damage is when you missed out your task, right? So, while choosing my class I choose rogue. I didn't expect that I'll have this skill where I won't get damage once my daily task wasn't fulfilled.

Wooh boy, I would have died a lot of times because I got a lot of dailies and challenges that I joined. You know, once you're a newbie you go full ham when joining challenges because you want to get them coins and gems quickly. And you'll regret it in the long run. This app really dies test my ability to stay consistent and committed towards a specific goal aye.

And because of it being challenging to me, I ended up liking it more. I'm that type of person who doesn't give a damn for too long. Heck, even my writing style and vocab kept on changing depending on my mood. But when you have set a limit, a goal and a punishment. Things change bit by bit.

Writing this at night time where my braincells are buzzing is a good thing because if I write my journal at mornings I tend to go quite a poser. If you've read one of my journal entry you'll know what I mean. Hey, don't get me wrong over here. Just because I was being philosophical at that it doesn't mean that all philosophical people are posers. It just means I was being a poser at that time. I don't know but it does sounds like I'm being a try hard deep thinker at that time. Or was I too disembodied at that time that I have transcended into another dimension which is a little too late for those ideas? Honestly, I don't care anymore.

I'm more focus on my drawings. If you want to see what my art looks like you can search @khandomit on instagram. I'll warn you though. I'm still a newbie. But it's still worth checking it out. Or you can even give a critique on my work. It's actually nice hearing the negative part of your work because it means that the one whom you ask to check on it actually gave a thorough inspection of your work. They gave you another perspective of which works and which doesn't. That's why I like Ethan Becker for he's the Gordon Ramsey of art. He teaches you the reason on why that technique is great and why that technique is a dump.

I actually did draw a fanart of habitica in my instagram. It's a drawing of my rogue character in her blue colored armor. For me it's not the best but I'm proud of it. After all, it is my first time drawing something for more than an hour and managed to finish it.

Written by kyverno

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Posted On Apr 26, 2020

Hello Adventurer..

Posted On Apr 27, 2020

Hello :D I also went super crazy for the challenges, but not for the coins xD I wanted to be super productive, but then I overwhelmed myself xD So I moved some things to "habits" :)
I like your drawings :) I especially love how you draw faces :3!!

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