Nov. 11, 2021

power play

Today was a holiday (a fake holiday, as Dante would put it), but I didn’t realize until after lunch. My fault for not checking my work email sooner. HQ sends out a daily news bulletin at 9 am, which I do not read, but lack of a bulletin means it’s a day off.

At around 2 pm, the power went out. Unfortunate. By coincidence, Mom has a conference, so she and Dad left midafternoon. With the house to myself, I’d been looking forward to cooking a big dinner (chicken spaghetti maybe?) and having an anime & game night with friends (HGR and I have been doing a group watchthrough of Kaiji).

Instead, at around 7 pm, I had a meal of cold buttered naan by flashlight. Thankfully I remembered to get a flashlight before dark. My trusty flashlight seems broken—it won’t turn on, and when I unscrewed it, the battery was stuck in the chamber—so instead I snagged one from the basement. Kinda surreal to turn off the flashlight and look out the window and see the whole neighborhood totally dark.

Also it’s a good thing we had the day off because late afternoon and evening is generally my prime worktime.

Dad forwarded me his outage alerts from Ameren. Apparently, the outage was caused by a fallen tree. It was supposed to be fixed by 6:30 pm, which got bumped to 11:15 pm, but we still had no power by 12:30 when I went to bed. It didn't return until roughly 3 am.


edit (11/12): Now that the power’s back, I'm making the most of the day! Watched a couple Kaiji eps before lunch and then made chicken spaghetti. Good times.

Written by Achaius

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