Nov. 11, 2021

Eleven Eleven (11/11), bought MBP

4:20 PM (of Friday, November 12th 2021)

Today is Thursday, November 11th 2021 and I did a lot today. Today was apparently a federal holiday, Veteran’s Day, though I didn’t have it off.

12:19 AM (of Saturday, November 13th 2021)

Anyway, in the morning I had my usual Spanish tutoring. I'm not actually learning anything new at the moment by choice, because I choose what we do and if I wanted to learn new things I could ask for it, and she has the lessons ready. Most of the time we mainly just converse in Spanish the whole time, mainly talking about my life and things going on within it. Like I mentioned however many times, she knows most aspects of my life, more about my life than I write about on here, but not everything.

Today we talked about money and fame again, a usual conversation topic I bring up, mainly about fame. I talked about how you needed to work hard and also a lot of luck to attain these things, and they're not necessarily that great or worth it. You can still be depressed as hell and have many problems while having money and fame. And when you're famous it would be hard to even go to public places because people will recognize you. Also being famous is a constant act. It is not like money, where you can earn money once and then you're done, with fame, it has to be a constant game, if you stop presenting yourself in the public, like "taking a year off" or something, your fame would rapidly decline.

I think I would eventually want fame at some point, but I'm not ready for it at all right now. It is so much work to be famous, like these YouTubers have to consistently make amazing videos to maintain appearances, and famous Twitter people have to constantly tweet things. I can barely stay consistent with my own activities at home, I am nowhere near prepared to have to work that much for fame.

Anyway, I paid for some new Spanish lessons. My tutor was complaining about how Italki took away too much in fees, so I asked her to just increase the price, which she did and I was happy to pay for. I washed the dishes, took out the trash, and did some other chores.

Then I worked on some actual things today. It's honestly been a while since I concentrated this much on work. I had nothing else going on, no music or anything, and I just concentrated on work. I wanted to just get one item done, submit it to my clients, and then go out the rest of the day doing anything else I wanted to do. I got that one thing done after an hour or two, and I was free the rest of the day.

I drove to the mall and went to the Modernica Apple Store, I don't think there are any official Apple Stores here in Puerto Rico, but there are some "official distributors" like Modernica which sell official Apple stuff and have them on display everywhere like a regular Apple store would. I don't know if I wrote about it here, but I already went there before, maybe a day or two or longer before this, and I tried out the new MacBook Pros there, and I really wanted one. After going to this store again and wanting one, I asked if they had it in stock, they said they didn't, these were just for demo purposes.

So I went to Best Buy instead, and I said I wanted to buy one. When they said they only had the base model 16" and didn't have the Max, I said I would think about it more. I went back home, ate, and then I went to Ikea. I don't actually know why I went to Ikea, I wanted to buy this white chair, but that wasn't even important at all. I guess I was just wanted some more time to think about this new decision to buy this new laptop.

When I got to Ikea, I looked at a bunch of the furniture and bought some more white furniture for my home. Then I got into my car and just sat there for a bit, thinking about the MacBook Pro again. I had this conversation last night with a friend and I told her how I didn't use my iPad and its accessories that often. So that randomly popped into my head today, and I decided to go home and pack it all up and return it. When I got home, I packed up all those items but I couldn't find the receipt, so I called my dad and asked him, and he didn't know where it was.

I eventually find the receipt in my car, and I go to Best Buy to return the items. Today was the last day I could return them, so I was lucky again I was able to do all this just in time. I returned an iPad Pro, a Magic Keyboard, and an Apple Pencil, and got around $1400 back. They said it would appear on my credit card in a few days.

I went to the mall again and parked, I was in the parking lot for around 30 minutes to an hour, sweating a lot because it was hot even with the windows down. I was just there contemplating buying the newest MacBook Pro again, and I browsed online to forums of people talking about it. Online, there's a bunch of people who casually spent $3000+ on this laptop, and people were just casually talking about it like it was nothing, so I decided to do the same, go in and buy one too. But my shirt was drenched in sweat, so I bought a smoothie first and sat down to chill for a bit, waiting for my shirt to dry up before I entered the store. This was actually when I found out they didn't have it in stock, because I was so ready to buy it and I asked for it, they said they didn't have any there.

So I went to Best Buy, and just bought it for $2500, but with the import and sales and other taxes and such the total was more than $2700. I paid with my personal credit card because I wanted to use it for other activities other than just work. They said it was the last 16" Silver they had. So I got lucky there again. I got home, unboxed it, and recorded a video unboxing it, because this was an expensive machine, I didn't want to just let the experience go so easily.

Written by JustMegawatt

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