April 26, 2020

Is it my mistake ?

Hello there...

Today I have great experience.

Failed to hold sleeping, hahaha. And some how, I was thinking that it's wrong. But then saw a video about, lazy or break.

In this video, it's explain that are lazy or just need a break.

After saw that video, I review my recent activity, and I am thinking that I am not lazy person. I just need a time to break and rest.

recent day, I sleep for over 3-4 hour per day. I know, normally people need 6-8 hour, I try to push my self.

It work, and I can do it, I can push my self. But, I need a time where I can rest a little.

So, I am ok now. I feel I am good, I am happy, and not feel desperate because some sleeping time that I do today.

Activity review ?

lets skip for today.. hahaha..

Oke, tomorrow is Monday, lets rest, and see you next time.

Bye. ;)

Written by kangfarih

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Posted On Apr 27, 2020

Hello there. I'm glad you're thinking about not just the negative but also the positive points in your lifestyle. I have my share of sleepless nights and burnouts too. And it sucks the life force out of you. I hope that you'll continue moving forward.

Posted On Apr 27, 2020

@kyverno For everything was happen, I have no choice but accept it. Then, I have choice too, and I choose anything that make tomorrow better than today.
If negative thinking make my life better I will do that, If positive think make tomorrow better day I will do that. So rather than thinking it's this is negative or that's positive, I just thinking about what I want to choose to make tomorrow better day, more motivation, more spirit, and more happy.

I remove about judging thing with negative or positive. There is nor positive nor negative, it's just choice, it's just choice for me to choose that lead me to my dream. Just that.. XD

Posted On Apr 27, 2020

What video is it xD? Do you have a link :D?

Posted On Apr 28, 2020

@pinenutes This is.. https://youtu.be/B2wPs4Bd6mg

Posted On Apr 28, 2020

@kangfarih Thank you :) You know, for the record, it's ok to be lazy once in a while :D Just don't overwork yourself :3!

Posted On May 01, 2020

@pinenutes Naah.. I think it's ok to do overwork, just don't do it everyday.. Sometime a we need to be able handling unexpected event, so, not routine overwork is ok.

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