Nov. 14, 2021

a comedy of errors

Went up to my old apartment, new key in hand, and discovered that the locks had been changed again. At this point I ain’t even mad. It’s just a comedy of errors. I went to ask the office lady to let me into my apartment and she was very apologetic. She said that some second-floor apartments had been burgled, and staff (not her) had changed the locks in response. She also said she was suspected in the burglaries, but she vehemently denied involvement.

If they’re suspecting her, it must have been an inside job (no signs of forced entry), which is not shocking given how many contractors they have tramping in and out of our apartments without permission. Thankfully, all my stuff seemed to be in place, including my vintage spelling bee TV from sixth grade. They could have that one, if they wanted.

The packing is nearly done except for a few odds and ends. Also, I finally remembered to bring my coat home. Yesterday there were flurries dancing in the air—not enough to officially say first snowfall of the year, but enough to appreciate a good coat. HGR said that North Face coats were basically a meme at Dartmouth, because every week there’d be an all-students email like “hey, someone left their North Face coat at the party, lmk if it’s yours” and it became a symbol for rich clueless freshmen. I think about that a lot, for some reason. It is a really nice coat.

Written by Achaius

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