Nov. 15, 2021

No Electricity, Went To Nearby Smoothie Place w/ New Laptop

12:37 AM (of Wednesday, November 17th 2021)

Today is Monday, November 15th 2021 and I had no electricity at home since last night, and didn't have it when I woke up today either. I told my boss that I didn't have any electricity (and therefore no Internet either) and took the entire day off work. That's the best feeling. I'm very used to not having electricity, not having Internet, or not having water. I expect to go without one of those things at least 1 day a week. Sometimes it can last longer, like that time I didn't have any water for 3 days.

I don't know if I have written a journal entry about every single time I go without water, electricity, or Internet, but it happens very frequently here. I really already fully expect it to happen at least once a week, so when it happens, it is no surprise at all. Anyway today I went out and brought my laptop with me to the nearby Acai Express close to where I live. They sell those expensive Acai and Dragon Fruit bowls I've written about before, they're about $12 each as pictured. I could also just get some regular smoothies like a green smoothie or mixed fruit smoothie for like $4 each or something at the nearby La Frutera, but the wait time is longer for those.

Anyway, I just felt super cool and hipster sitting there and using my laptop. Of course no one else did the same. Most people that go here take their bowls to go, so they just come in, order a fruit bowl, and then leave. This is my first time going to a public cafe-like place and bringing my laptop along. I've used my laptops in public places before like a library and at the airport waiting areas, but not at any cafe or any Starbucks. I have never done that before. I have never in my life gone to a Starbucks or any similar cafe places and used my laptop there, this was my first time.

I just sat there and organized my computer and desktop a little. I didn't have Internet, because they don't have free wi-fi here, but I could charge my computer if I wanted to. I didn't charge my computer either though, it was still at 95% or so even after several hours of use, I put low power mode and and put it at the minimum brightness. This machine has a 20 hour battery life even while you do things on it. I think Apple makes the best computer and phone products in the world, they always have this whole time, I don't know why I stuck with Windows and Linux for so long. I still use all three on a daily basis, but my main driver is this MacBook Pro now. I just charged my phone and that was it.

I also messaged this photo to a few friends because I thought it was a good photo and I wanted to show off. I didn't post it on Facebook though. Maybe I should? Anyway, that's all I did here. I did offline stuff on my computer, and I messaged some friends on Messenger. I chat with them about random stuff too. Eventually I finished the fruit bowls and left at around 12 PM. When I got back home, the electricity was back. I didn't want to return to work though, so I didn't. I took a nap for a bit.

Then I played some games. That's all I've been doing the past few days, is just playing some Apple Arcade games on this machine. The games are eligible for all devices, so I can play on my phone then switch to my MacBook Pro and pick up from where I left off since the saves are synced, and same thing with my MacBook Air. I recently reset both these laptops though, and I decided to just use the Pro for professional stuff, and the Air for games and other things not as serious.

I also got back the hummed melody of one of my songs that is in progress that I hired other people to make. And it is amazing. This song is so amazing. I was uplifted and felt motivated and felt happy after receiving the song back and wow. All it needs now are lyrics, and I hired someone else to complete that today too. It really doesn't seem like I did much today, but I did a lot of organizing with these music gigs and everything. Some songs are almost done! I can't wait to release them.

At night, I just I chatted with some friends online including the former classmate girl from my high school who might visit me next month. That's really it, that was my whole day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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