April 26, 2020

The Juiiiice D:

Hello fellow huuumaaans.

I bring a weird news of todays events: my father didn't close him grapfruit juice. So when he put it back in the fridge most of the liquid spilled out and wet every other shelf. I found out about it by chance, cause during my afternoon studies I took a break and decided to look for something to munch on inside the fridge. Instead I found my feet wet and bunch of products wet xD So it took me and hour to empty that side of the fridge, to then wash and dry out everything xD My father came upstairs and told me I'm a spaz and to be careful when I put juice away xD! AAARGH XD I can't win in this house xD

So, anyways, yesterday I've actually wanted to talk about an online comic called Looking for Group (https://www.lfg.co/). It is written by Ryan Sohmer and drawn by Lar DeSouza. So imagine if you will that the story tells the story of a valiant elf hero called Cale'Anon, who wants to essentially save the world from evil. Unfortunately his first encounter is an evil undead Warlock known as Richard, the Mistress of Magma, that ends up killing cute bunnies. Cale, horrified, decides to try to kill the Warlock and shoot his arrows straight at him; Richard uses a poor farmer as a shield, causing Cale to unwillingly kill him. Richard responds by burning Cale alive and to turn him into ashes. The Warlock, amused by the elf, decides to bring him to a Cleric in a nearby village to heal him. The cleric is a green ogre like woman, called Benny, but unfortunately is being chased by a general who wants to imprison her. She, and in turn also the warlock and Elf, is saved by her father, an anthropomised bull named Krunch. They all run away, she heals the elf and all four of them head out to their crazy adventures.

This is the premise of the story and as you can read it is heavily influenced by games like Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft or any fantasy like adventure game or books. The comic is a parody, a satire of the fantasy genre and they do it well for the first few pages, but then you slowly get lost and confused xD.

I wanted to talk about this comic, maybe to review it, but mostly also just to express my opinion [I'm currently on page 1394, but I think I'll go on a break since I've only been binging the comic for the whole quarantine xD].

It is a good comic, but it's slowly losing it's potential in my eyes. It had a great cast, each with their own character arc, but then all of a sudden they lost all of their personalities xD? [Spoiler?] Take for example Cale, he is the hero, the one that wanted to be heroic and save lives. He had to lose his innocence for the greater good, which was kind of heart breaking, but now he's just the butt of the jokes. Everyone treats him badly, in the latest comic he has been almost suffocated twice underwater, 'cause his girlfriend enjoyed taking the spell of breathing underwater off of him.

My issue is mostly plot relevant? There is no plot. Well, to be honest we did have a plot at the beginning and then got side tracked with some subplots that went nowhere and now the characters are wandering around with no purpose xD? No drive xD? There's so much filler. Like it's worse than an anime filler, cause at least the filler in an anime ends at a certain point and we get back to the plot xD I have come to the point where I enjoy myself by reading the comment section that has more soul than the actual comic xD I kid you not, there was one commenter named EREZ, that out of sheer boredom started nitpicking EVERYTHING about the comic and everyone else would attack him and tell him to shut up xD Reading EREZ and everyone's response is way more interesting than reading the actual comic xD Like why xD?

You could say: stop reading it. My response is: I'm in too deep. I need to know if the story will go somewhere. We recently just got a big reveal in the comic, which I will not say here, you never know if someone is willing to read the comic; but it was somewhat, bland? I can't unmask the reveal without going into spoiler territory, but essentially we all thought someone was something but he turned out to be something else. It wasn't necessarily bad, in my opinion, it just was revealed a little too late. They made me, and others, anticipate it for too long that when it was revealed our reactions were basically "that's it xD?". Like now some people are still joking about it by commenting something along the lines of "Still waiting for the big reveal" xD

I don't know, I wish for more. Many books and comics started off as a parody, but they wouldn't drag it on as such and with filler, but then they would transform it into something original and then in itself an epic. The only book that pops into my mind is Blart: The Boy That Didn't Want To Save The World xD When others will pop into my mind I will add them at the end of my post xD

I don't know, obviously don't take my opinion for it. Go check it out and we can try having a discussion, why not :)? And read the comments xD

Written by pinenutes

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Posted On Apr 27, 2020

HAAAAA gurl I know how it feels to be in too deep with something we read that no matter how bad it becomes we have that need to finish it :') I'll try to give it a read tonight before sleeping <3 hehehehe

Posted On Apr 30, 2020

@shaiduck what do you read :D ? That you're in too deep or in general that you like :D?

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