Nov. 17, 2021

More Song Updates, Cleaned Up Home, Happy Day

6:57 AM (of Thursday, November 18th 2021)

Today is Wednesday, November 17th 2021 and it was a good day today. I had my Spanish lessons in the morning and I cleaned up my home and took pictures. I took out the trash, washed the dishes, cleaned up my room, and did a bunch of other chores. It was nice. I did laundry yesterday (Tuesday) but didn't write about it in Tuesday's entry, I do miss writing about details like that sometimes.

I did a little bit of work today, but not too much. I mainly did chores and stuff at home. I didn't do "that" even once the entire day today and I think that contributed to me feeling well. I would usually do it in the morning, then afternoon, and evening, sometimes but it's good I didn't today and I felt good and energetic throughout the entire day. I even went to Wal-Mart at night and bought some fruits and water.

Throughout the day today, I would do random push ups and pull up attempts. I can't complete a single pull up yet, but I try, it's fun. I did around 70 to 80 push ups total the whole day today and these were good form push ups too, all the way down, and up. I would do it slowly intentionally so I could break and rebuild muscle. I also walked around randomly throughout the day, just at home.

For one of my songs in progress, it's called "Gonna Wish You The Best (but this is it)", I received back the vocal parts from the singer, and they were so good. The song was so amazing sounding. I listened to the song probably like 30 times and danced along. I then sent it off to the producer and he would do the final touches, I really can't wait for the final version of the song!

At around 3 PM, I went to the Acai place again, and got an Acai and Dragon Fruit bowl. I didn't eat anything the whole day up to this point, and this was my first meal. I was hungry but happy. I was feeling so elated throughout the day today for some reason, just overall in a positive mood, that I was in full control of my life. I think the random exercises I was doing throughout the day helped a lot in this aspect and the fact that I didn't do "that" because "that" drains me immensely when I do, and I would do it like 3 times a day.

Anyway I really love my MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and iPhone, these devices are amazing. I have an Apple Watch and Apple TV too and the AirPods Pro, but I don't love those devices as much. My favorite device is obviously the MacBook Pro, I think this is a feat of engineering. There is no device that even comes close to being as good. Apple is just way ahead of the competition in everything right now.

I think Steve Jobs would not have approved the "butterfly keyboard" and the "Touch Bar" that was on these laptops temporarily for a few years, because they sucked and they were just recently removed. I think he would not have approved of any iPhone model after iPhone 5 either, because their design became worse after that. The iPhone 13 recently became amazing, matching the design of the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 today is probably still one of the best phone designs I have ever held, I think only the iPhone 13 was able to beat it.

So I think they are finally going back to how Steve Jobs would have run the company. He would not have gotten rid of Mag Safe either, and we would have been so much further along. I watched a bunch of his presentation videos and he brought pretty much everything that exists in Apple today to existence. Things like the iCloud where all your devices are synced up and have the same music, photos, videos, etc. all accessible on different devices, was his idea. The MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad, etc, were his ideas. The Apple Watch was probably his idea too, because they probably already started on that project before he died, Like many other people in the past have said while it was happening, they said Apple became worse after Steve Job's death, and looking ash all the product releases since then, I can't help but feel the same way, up until recently, up until just last year when they really changed.

So I think Apple is a good company again now, starting last year. After Steve Job's death until last year, they weren't as good as they could have been, and they probably made a lot of mistakes. Still, Tim Cook is the best person to have run the company, that is a fact. There's no one better than him to have picked up from where Steve Jobs left off, but he would not have been as good as Steve Jobs obviously.

I used to think Apple products were expensive, and I guess they are, but honestly PC laptops and such are not much cheaper now All the competitors are very similarly closely priced to Apple's computers today, and if it's that close, I would just shell out a few extra for an Apple for the build quality and features. They just have an ecosystem and setup that is amazing and their physical devices are the best to hold. Android and Windows can't keep up because they have to work to be able to support thousands of other devices. MacOS just has to support Apple computers and since they come out with so few each year, they don't need to work as hard to make them compatible.

Anyway this MacBook Pro is the best machine I have ever owned. It might not be the most powerful laptop I've owned, I do own another laptop that has 128gb RAM, 4tb SSD, Intel Xeon and 6gb Nvidia graphics card, which means that computer is also quite good, but that computer also has only 1.5 hours or less battery life and it is also way bigger and way heavier, and the screen isn't as good. Also the build and look of it is far inferior to this MacBook Pro which is just the best looking laptop I have ever seen. It is so amazing to touch and hold. I have the silver color version and it is superb. This M1 Pro processor is also far faster than the Intel Xeon and uses up way less energy. I can also run MacOS using this MacBook Pro but I can't run MacOS using that Windows machine because it's not supported.

At night I went out to Wal-Mart and bought a watermelon, two mini watermelons, and some bananas. And I bought some curtains and water. At home I ate a mini watermelon and two bananas. It was already pretty late so I didn't have much else to do besides write my entry for yesterday, which is what I did today, and then I went to sleep.

Anyway I had an excellent day today. Just a great day overall, I think it was because I didn't do "that" the whole day again. I am very tempted to do it again but I think I'll feel bad again if I do that again.

Written by JustMegawatt

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