Nov. 18, 2021

Another Good Day

8:04 AM (of Saturday, November 20th 2021)

Today is Thursday, November 18th 2021 and it was another good day today. I don't remember much exactly of what I did today, because I'm writing this entry two days in the future and all my days are so similarly lived it's hard to recall what was different about them. I had Spanish tutoring again this morning, and I did push ups and pull ups randomly throughout the day again. I think that really contributed to me feeling good. I also went to the fruit smoothie place at only around 2 or 3 PM, and got the Acai Bowl and Dragon Fruit Bowl as my first meals in the day, and at night I probably only ate a banana or two and some raisins and peanut butter.

Today, I worked on the music again. Not sure which song, there are three songs in progress for me, but I probably listened to the instrumental and made modifications to the lyrics of one of the songs and then sent it off for the vocalist to sing.

I probably did a bit of work today, but not as much as I could have.

So I haven't done "that" in like a day or two, and I felt really excited all the time. Why do I even write about this publicly? I think because this is what I consider one of the main problems in my life, I have a lot of problems though. I hate this addiction. At night, I do recall doing "that" three times to different videos. I felt like the first time didn't count, and the second time also could've been better, so I did "that" a third time and I was too tired after that to do it any further. What was I thinking? I did this all from around 6 to 9 PM in that time range so still a little bit early, and I didn't go to sleep directly afterwards.

That was probably my full day to be honest, if anything was worth writing about. That was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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