April 26, 2020

All Of My Secret Songs Were Discovered


There are a lot of popular things I like or liked, for example I used to like World of Warcraft which was the most popular MMO back then, and I think it still is. I still like the Beatles which are the most popular and most influential band in all of history. There are also however things that are not so popular that I like, that I discovered on my own, that I formed some emotions and a meaningful connection with. Things I liked on my own when they weren't popular before but are popular now, extends far beyond music, but I'm finding some of the music I used to like to listen to, less meaningful and less emotional now that they're popular and mainstream.

Some of these songs I used to listen to had less than ten thousand or so views when I first discovered them online. Actually there are videos I vividly recall binge watching that had less than a thousand views, and now a lot of these are in the millions when I watch them today. One of the videos I watched before anyone else was the "Soul Eater - Own Little World AMV" by MarawaNAnime, I watched it when it first came out in 2012, it had maybe 200 views when I first saw it. Now it has 500k. I actually binge watched it a lot, and even like 5 years later it still only had 20k views or so. Now it has 500k? It really blew up out of nowhere, when I first saw the AMV I rated it as one of the best I've ever seen, I wanted it to be seen by more people. Now that's it's been seen by a lot of people, it loses a certain feeling with me. What I feel like has been lost is the feeling that you discovered something amazing that no one else knows about. Now that everyone knows about it, it lost that feeling.

An example of this are the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack songs, which I just looked up today since it's been a while that I listened to them. There's millions of views on each and every song now, each and every song has more than a million views. Man, what happened? Every single song. Cats on Mars which was this super vague song now has 2.5 million views as I'm writing this. I don't recall exactly how much it had prior, but it couldn't have been more than 10,000 views just a few years ago. These songs no longer feel cool to me, they are just so mainstream now.

Another song that had millions of views from nowhere is Path by Apocalyptica. I swear it had around 20,000 views the first time I saw it just 3-4 years back. Now it has millions? Actually I still feel like this song is awesome despite the amount of views, I think it's well deserved of them. However, I'm feeling a little bit of antipathy from listening to the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack songs now. Sure, Tank! is a mainstream song, but the other ones are supposed to be like hidden secret songs tucked away from the masses that weirdo introverts with a distinct taste in music find and listen to. These are really not at all mainstream kinds of songs, but now they are mainstream. Millions of views on each and every song. Reading the lame comments on each song just makes me feel a lot of antipathy.

Written by JustMegawatt

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