April 27, 2020

Habitica challenge Day 14: Random Diary

Today I showed my composition demo to the teacher......I want to be a bug.

(Kaguya-sama Love is War OST: It's over......)

Reminders for myself:

  1. Wrong modulation at A section, we're not yet able to use vii/vii
  2. Unclear structure in measures
  3. Re-compose the B section so that it won't get boring
  4. A,B,A'and coda


Sometimes my mom just won't make sense at all.

I know, it's actually my problem for not study hard enough, but I just want to share what I've learnt today, and she suddenly got angry at me for no reason(she said it herself), complained for not make a complete version instead of an incomplete draft, said I never focus on studying(which is true), and that I lack awareness of crisis. It's not like I don't understand her feeling. Of course I know she want me to have a better future but......it's a bit offended you know.

Sign, why do I even bother to share my liking of music anyway?

Edit: We're getting better. It seems like she would feel better when I talk to her during dinner. I rarely talk to her before.


Edit a bit of my fanfiction.


Three things I thankful:

  1. Dr. Martin, for point out what's wrong with my composition. (It would be even better if he does not yell......)
  2. Iris, for hear me grumbling about my mom
  3. My imaginary friend Sherlock, for always try to prevent me from procrasinating. Needs to work harder though :)

Written by MandySakura

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Posted On Apr 29, 2020

Yeh I totally understand when it comes to lack of motivation to study. But if you wanna share what you learn you can write it in your entry. I'm really intrigued with whatever subject you're talking about. Honestly, I'm not great when it comes to music so when you were talking about it I'm baffled. Wait, were you talking about music when you wrote composing?

Posted On Apr 29, 2020

@kyverno I'm sorry. These jargons are intended to be seen by me. I don't expect, nor care much about letting others understand my language. Will try to explain them for the next journals if by chance. And yes, composing means creating a new song/ musical piece.

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