Nov. 23, 2021

102 Push Ups and More Progress

11:20 AM

Alright I’m stuck in a predicament right now. It actually should be a really simple decision. Meh. So I weighed 202.5 pounds this morning, which is good. I have been going up and down the 202 to 205 range the past two weeks or so. My weight chart literally looks like a roller coaster ride, just going up, then down, then up, then down, and so on, for months actually, not just weeks. So my predicament right now is I really want to eat out at this place called GoVinda’s Veggie Garden, and they provide a daily special which is different every day for $10 and I swear that meal is enough for an entire day, it’s like 2000 calories of vegan food for $10 only (it’s realistically more like 1000 calories but it sure feels like more). My dad splits the meal up so it lasts him the entire day, literally he would eat a third initially, and then a third in the afternoon, and then a third at night.

I would devour it all in one sitting though. And I know for a fact that each time I eat there, I gain weight. Sometimes I gain like 5 pounds in one day, probably because most of that food would still be in my guts digesting, but still. It is a lot of food. So it’s quite healthy too, they have a lot of vegetables, potatoes, beans, rice, spices, it is a huge mix of food and so tasty. I am so hungry for that food right now, because I haven’t had it in like a month, but I just know I’ll gain weight if I eat there. I could also just make brown rice and lentils here at home, and I guess that would fill me up just fine too, but man, I really want some of Govinda’s Veggie Garden cooking right now. Well, I actually don’t think I have had a time where that was the only meal I ate the whole day. I think if I do that, like, literally have that be the only meal I eat in a day, then I wouldn’t gain weight, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Speaking of veggie garden, I have a veggie garden growing in my backyard! I just went out there and for the first time in my life, grabbed a plant there and I brought it inside, and I just ate it. WOW. It tastes so fresh and flavorful, not like the same exact plants from stores. I could also grow potatoes and beans there, but maybe not right now. It’s so easy to grow plant foods, just buy the seeds, place them in some soil, and then wait some time and they grow. It does help to water them and use veganic fertilizer, but I think the key ingredient is it being outdoors and in the correct climate. As long as those needs of soil, water, and sunlight are met, it will grow. 

I have done 60 push ups so far today, I just have 40 more to go. It is actually really easy to do push ups. 70 Push ups now. 

For work, I think I am going to sign off 0 hours today as well as yesterday. This is Thanksgiving week so a lot of people are off work this week. I didn’t get a single email about anything yesterday.

11:14 PM

It’s now around 12 hours later. I went ahead and went to Govinda’s and got their $10 special, then I went home and ate it in one sitting. It was very good as expected and I was so stuffed. The only thing I hate is driving there, it’s like a 10 to 15 minute drive one way, so it really takes a lot of time. In the time it takes to drive there and back, is basically the same time it takes to cook up brown rice and lentils. I love cooking up lentils because of how fast it cooks, it only take like 20 minutes of boiling. If I added other beans in such as black beans and pinto beans, those take about 40 minutes to hour to boil, so it just takes more time. I also have to wash the dishes afterwards if I cook at home and it’s kind of annoying, though it’s not really that hard, just annoying.

Oh, before I drove to Govinda’s, I received the final version of Android Girlfriend with the vocals edited and tuned a bit. I played it a few times on my computer, it’s a 4 minute song so it took up a lot of time playing it over and over. There were some parts I disliked that I took a note of, so I transferred the song to my phone and I drove to Govinda’s while playing the song on repeat again the whole time. I played it on repeat because I thought maybe I would start to like these parts, and I wouldn’t have to send it back to the hard working guy editing this song. Well I drove there and back playing the song on repeat the whole time, and I felt like I had to send it back.

So after I ate, I sent the song back and told the guy the notes I had on what I disliked about it. I kind of feel bad having to send it back, but yeah, there were some parts I just couldn’t get to liking, and I wanted a perfect song. I admit that I am going to be very nervous once this song is finally out, because I have to upload it to a bunch of music websites, and I have never done that before, so I don’t know how that is going to go. Again I am going to share it with my close friends and family on Facebook, and they are probably going to like it again. Ut to share it with a wider audience, like Spotify, I don’t know how to do that. 

After that I guess, I watched some videos, and played a bit more of Forgotten Fields. Then I took a nap. I did a bunch more push ups, and then I walked outside for a bit. So I would drink some water and my stomach would feel very full. Even though I felt full even at 3 PM, I was like, omg I want an Acai bowl and Dragon Fruit bowl so badly. It was just going on in my mind the whole time, and they tasted so good. I couldn’t control my emotions on this, I went out to buy those bowls. The store’s usual “OPEN” lights weren’t on, and the parking lot was empty, so I thought they might’ve been closed. I went to the door though and it was unlocked, and it seemed to be open. I asked the red haired receptionist girl (dyed hair) “are you open” which I said in Spanish “Estas abierto?” And she kind of reacted weirdly like “wha?” And I repeated it a few times and she had no idea what I was talking about. I was confused too, so I just ordered and went to sit down. I looked it up on my phone translator “are you open?” And it translates to “estas abierto?” So the same exact thing I said. But maybe it means something else? I’m going to ask my tutor tomorrow.

I went home and enjoyed that. Then I completed the game Forgotten Fields. I completed my 100 push ups too. I actually think I completed the 100 push ups prior to buying the fruit bowls. Either way, I did 102 today. Maybe I will do 103 tomorrow, since I did 101 yesterday? I am not doing this intentionally, but yesterday’s extra 1 was accidental, I just did it because I wasn’t sure if my count was right during one of the sets, so I just made sure to add an additional one. But now we are increasing incrementally, and I think I should keep going.

I watched some more videos probably, and then I completed all the other tasks in my Stride dailies. I walked outside for around 40 minutes, and I worked on the StealthLaunch website a bit. I hate its current logo, because I can’t use it independently. The text and logo are intertwined, so that sucks I think. I looked for another person to hire to change the logo tonight. Anyway, today was a good day because I did a bunch of things I planned out on doing. At the same time though, it was a bad day because I ate over the amount I wanted to eat. We’ll see if I gain any weight tomorrow, I think I may have, but because I did over 100 push ups and walked for over an hour, maybe it would cancel out. Maybe. We’ll see.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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