Nov. 24, 2021

Hired a new logo designer and business copywriter, 103 push ups

5:44 AM

Why do I always only get 5-6 hours of sleep? There’s nothing here to wake me up, and yet I still wake up after just 5-6 hours of sleep. I honestly want to sleep longer, at least 8 hours, heck I would probably be happy with 7 hours, but I always wake up earlier than that. I’m not sure if I should start my day yet right now, although I guess writing an entry counts as starting my day.

I love Apple aesthetics. T love the MacBook Pro, the latest one in silver. It is so good looking. Just so beautiful and sleek. Like holy crap, this laptop looks so cool. I do hate some things about it though, like how it turns on from a shutdown state by pressing any button. I think only the power button should be able to turn on the computer, but here, any button turns it on. I think that’s my only complaint for now. I love everything else about the machine. I love how it looks and feels so much, omg. It’s quite euphoric just looking at the MacBook Pro and touching it. Wow it is so beautiful. I am typing on this machine right now and wow, it just looks so good.

It stays on 100% battery life for a long time too. I did stuff on my computer before going to sleep, I probably did stuff for around 30 minutes or more including writing last night’s entry, and I just plugged it in right now after having already typed all of this stuff today, and it was still at 100% battery life.

I’m still tired, I’m going to try and go to sleep again. All I do is close down the laptop lid and it goes to sleep. I’m going to try and go to sleep too.

6:47 AM

Well I failed going to sleep again. I ended up just lying down for 10 to 20 minutes and then I woke up again and completed some daily tasks. I did 52 push ups just now, in 5 sets. I did 11 the last two sets because I knew I had to get 103 for today.

I feel like I improve strength rather fast because these push ups are so easy to do now. I weighed 202.9 pounds this morning by the way, so only .4 pounds more than yesterday, and I think that’s likely due to some of the food still digesting.

I need to walk outside for a bit this morning, but I’m still a bit sleepy too. I want to take a nap, but can’t, my body is too wide awake at this point. I guess the only thing I can do is walk outside for a bit, maybe an hour or something. Then I can come back home, take a shower, then start my Spanish lesson. Then after that, I can grab an açaí bowl and dragon fruit bowl, then work on stealthlaunch for a bit.

That sounds like an awesome plan. I’m just going to ignore work today.

8:18 AM

Well I ended up actually lying down and taking a nap from 7 AM to 7:30 AM, and then I got up and walked outside until just now. I didn’t do any extra push ups, so my count is still at 52 as of now. What did I say I was going to do after walking? Take a shower? Yes, take a shower, and then start the Spanish lesson. It sounds like a good plan. I have 11 minutes until my Spanish lesson starts. I am only reluctant to take a shower because the shower is a cold one, I don’t have a water heater or anything to make the shower water warm, so it’s always cold. Still, I took a shower yesterday and many other days, and it’s been easy.

I’m just going to rest for a bit writing this journal entry before I take a shower. During my walk today, it is quite abnormal of me, but I let my mind wander and think many thoughts. Usually I just have a literally empty mind, thinking of absolutely nothing. Most people think it’s impossible, but having a silent mind is a norm for me and has been for decades probably. There is a condition some people have that causes them to be unable to have a voice in their head, so they can’t think thoughts like most people, essentially they also have a silent mind, but it’s considered a disorder. I don’t have that condition, I just have a silent mind not thinking about anything the majority of the time. Especially when I listen to music or watch a video or read something, I can’t concentrate on anything else except for that one thing, I have no thoughts at all protruding as I consume these materials.

I can’t overthink because I don’t think at all most of the time. All my actions are impulsive. So I make a lot of mistakes in social settings because sometimes I say things bluntly or I say nothing at all when I should have said something. Uhh it’s 8:28 AM now, I am going to take a very quick short shower. 

11:22 PM

So it’s been over 12 hours since. I had my Spanish lesson and it was fun and eventful. I talked about the game Forgotten Fields and I described what it was about, and how it made me think about life 10 years in the future. How would things be different?

After the Spanish lesson, I did another 20 or so push ups, and then got an açaí bowl and dragon fruit bowl. At home I was feeling so happy and elated. I hired someone to make a new logo for Stealth Launch because I thought the current logo sucked, and I hired another person to come up with a business vision, mission, and core values for the company. I’ve written these before for stealth launch, but it could be better, so I hired a professional, a person with an MBA to do it better.

Sometimes what you get just doesn’t work out. Like this past logo I purchased for $100, I thought it was crap. Now I’m paying $150 for a new one. Even though I hated the current logo, I gave them 5 stars rating for it. I give everyone 5 star rating even if I hate their result, and this isn’t the first time I got something I hated back, but I still gave them 5 stars. I got artwork I thought was bad, I got written stuff I thought was bad, I got songs I thought were bad, these things I would never use ever so it’s like throwing money away, but I still gave them 5 stars.

After finishing hiring those guys, I did “that” again entirely by accident, and this ruined my day. I felt less motivation after doing “that” and later in the afternoon I would go to Wal-Mart and buy two bags of chips to eat, the place is always packed and I waited 20 minutes in line just standing there. I hate how packed it is and how long I had to wait.

Anyway I ate both bags of chips at home, this is why I am having trouble losing weight lol, and I think one of the bags was rotten or something. I have a stomach ache right now. I feel like throwing up or just general discomfort, and it sucks. I hate this.

I also did “that” again a second time after. Terrible.

Then since I was out of energy to do anything else, and I had a stomach ache, I just watched Steve Job videos the whole time, and I also assembled the ikea tables. One of the legs was missing two screws when it needed 5, so I used 3 instead, and that worked out fine, so for all the other legs too I would just screw in 3 after learning 3 was sufficient.

I am so sleepy. I’d write some personal thoughts or whatever, but I am so sleepy as I type this. It’s almost we 12 AM so yeah, I am just tired.

Written by JustMegawatt

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