April 27, 2020




I found a turtle! No, not really.

I was finishing homework in bwr (in between I had a talk with someone from the bank. She'll send me the papers). Then I wanted to go and open the window and saw the utrtle plushie lying there on it's back on the ground. In the sun. Poor plushie😂

When opening the window i thought I have to water my plants. I'd have delayed it, but later my brother will be awake and I'd rather water plants without him... Not to be rude but you know how liitle children are. I don't want to have water all over the place. Now i put them all on the windorse into the sun. I hope they'll be alright. The Ginseng will be as always. the cactus plant too, but I'm a bit worried about the flower. That doesn't look like a flower anymore. It looks green and healthy but also dry, at least where it comes out of the earth. And every time I pour in some water or a bit more, it looks like it consumes it. I don't think the water just disappears (chemical process, or whatever...). I don't know anything about plant care.

We had a flute lesson.

I have a headache and don't feel well. Stangely, my mother feels exactly the same.

Later we'll have KG.

Because of a headache,

I'm just listening and writing in KG.


Written by Plesi`

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