April 27, 2020

Help is not Give, but Get..

Hello there, hope your day fill with happiness...

Yesterday I create party for Habitica. Thinking About it, little bit worry about "can I do it". I have some little trauma about leading people, this is an old trauma as a teenager.

At that time, I feel I am not worthy to lead people, I have no power, then I run away. And decided to never join any organization, because I feel that I have no capability for that.

Ok, that's just an old story of mine. I have change, I have no worry about making mistake, I have been making mistake since born to this world. So, no worry, just accept it, learn from it, overcome it then being better. So simple. Life is really-really simple matter, if you make mistake, just accept it and learn from it, then next time try to be better.

With this believe system, I think I can be happy person without any worry. It's fine to make a mistake, just be responsible with it, accept and solve it. Enjoy every hardship that coming, just do what can do, and it will be done someday. And I love about concept of Sabr (Patient), it is part of my religious believe, but it's that make feel strong and can take any worst possible outcome if it happen. Maybe I will talk about this later.

Back to the party, this party in habitica have 20+ members. All of them are newbies include me of course. What I want to is, create a group of people that get benefit from me, from us. Helping each others, and care each others.

We do some quest, and we talk and encourage each others, motivating each others. It's fun, really-really fun, very-very thanks for all my party members. Thanks for giving me chance to do some good deed.

Yup, I have believe system that helping is not give, but get. I get happiness, I get motivated, I get many things because of helping. So I need to thanks them, who give me chance to help them.

Written by kangfarih

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Posted On Apr 28, 2020

I am who you were before, i am so scared of trying anything because i don't like making mistakes, and i hate it when people tell me I'm wrong. I am so happy for you, overcoming that struggle. :D

Posted On Apr 29, 2020

@noeeelle are you still struggling with that? the key is accept our self, aware about our self, we human, we not perfect, but we can learn and being better. Believe system like that is foundation for accepting oneself. :D

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