Nov. 30, 2021

Hello again

My life still pretty much the same, but now i'm older (idk if i'm happy with this). My parents still fighting a lot, and I know that it's not my fault but i'm the person that cryies with xuxa's movie (it's an old movie for kids), so I'm very sensible and I just can't ignore this, you know?

Nowaday I'm trying to focus on my studies so I can find a job and have my own money.

About my studies,I just accepted that I'm not the SMART kid, acctually I think I'm very dumb, but I'm OKAY with this. idc about geography, biology or stuffs like this. Since I "drop out" my classes in high school, I feel SO much better, today I can wake up 7am happy to study programming, for example, because I like this and I can see how this will be used in my future.

Also I'm trying to improve my english and overcome my fear of failure.

Written by Slowet

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Posted On Dec 01, 2021

Welcome back! Did you drop out of high school? If not, you should complete it! There is no harm in completing high school. Good luck in studying and finding work!

Posted On Dec 01, 2021

@JustMegawatt I didn't find the correct word, I still going to high school but my grades are not the in the top of the class anymore. I can see the importance of completing high school since I want to go to college. But I really appreciate your advice, have a nice day!

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