April 27, 2020

one brings shadow, one brings light

[12:37 PM] GANON1025: The ascians practice good social distancing, they’re often not even on the same star at the same time. And when they do have to meet, it’s on the moon away from the public

"Debate me, Hades!" shouted newbie.

"Yeah!" said Kan. "Debate me, coward!!"

It's time for the true form of the final boss of Shadowbringers, "I have friends too :((((" Emet-Selch, also known as Hades EX.

It's a good day to be an Emet-Selch fanboy. Everything about this fight is so good. The Shadowbringers theme. Your teammates warping in via the Crystal Exarch's summoning circles, and Emet responding by summoning shades of his friends you killed. The final phase with the battle arena suspended in the sky over burning Amaurot.

(Emet-Selch best new character 2019. sorry Gideon tough year)

The fight is challenging enough that we're running it at true item level, which means Kan can bring the full weight of his gear to bear. By now, he has 15K more HP than our other tank. HGR was grumbling about how he requires one more heal than everyone else. "You're so chunky," he told Kan, which Kan naturally took as a compliment. "Yeah! Chunky boi!"

One thing I like: Getting to know a fight so well that I know how my cooldowns line up with the boss's attacks. For instance, my queen comes up between casts of Bad Faith. Later in phase 1, Emet does meteors for a full 25ish seconds. I plonk myself in the dead center of the arena and do a round of wildfire/overheat, then my Drill + Air Anchor come off recharge (but not quickly enough to use either as my 6th GCD) and I use them, and then I do another round of overheat.

We didn't clear today, but we're close. Twice we reached the final phase to get massacred by exaflares. I have no clue how exaflares work. Kan is just like EVERYONE FOLLOW ME and I follow him but a hair too slow, and I'm dead along with two-thirds of the party. I should ask HGR about it. He is very knowledgeable about these things and says that Kan's dodging patterns are "weird."

Written by Achaius

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