Dec. 3, 2021

Bought a Bed

4:05 AM (of Saturday, December 4th 2021)

Today is Friday, December 3rd 2021 and it was another normal day today in which I did some small things. The past 2 days have been very similar to today, and I have to write entries for those days as well, so I'm not gonna have an easy time trying to recall everything and distinguish which events belonged to which day. I think it was this morning that I woke up and did "that" again.

4:44 AM (of Saturday, December 4th 2021)

No I think that was yesterday (Thursday) actually and not today. Anyway, I woke up this morning, and I walked outside for an hour. I came back in and did Spanish lessons for a bit. I got a confirmation email from Apple that I should actually create a new Apple account with Stealth Launch and transfer all my apps over from Megawatt Apps to Stealth Launch from there. I was also on my computer for a bit, but in general, I was procrastinating working on things at work.

Work is always in the back of my mind, and it's really annoying. When you have a job, you basically have to dedicate everything to it, including your thoughts when you're not there. I think that's extremely annoying. Honestly I do want to leave, but because they want me to stay so badly and two of my attempts to leave have been rejected by them accommodating my stay so much, I'm not leaving. But I do think it's annoying thinking about work when I don't want to.

Not much else happened throughout the day until around 5 PM, when my parents and I left for Ikea to buy a bed. We went to the nearby one first, but I asked if we could bring out the bed as soon as we bought it, and they said no. They recommended going to the Ikea in Bayamon though since that was the biggest one here, and in that one, we would be able to bring the bed home right after we bought it. So that's where we drove to, except we drove to the wrong building, so we drove to the correct one in the something mall. Honestly I don't remember, I typed Santa Monica Mall but that's a city in California, maybe Santa Maria Mall? Something like that. Anyway we drove there and the place was massive.

I ordered a bed and two night stands and two lamps and a mattress. The lamps actually were there in the same building so we didn't have to drive out to get it, but we drove out to the first incorrect Ikea building we went to, to get the bed and mattress and night stands.

Oh yeah, my parents spent all day cleaning here. They mopped and rearranged some furniture in my "room", this current room I'm in, where I'm sleeping on the floor. It's been used as storage basically the whole time, just a bunch or random large things put in here, like a literal massive door is in this room with me as I write this on the floor, and there's also foldable tables and other unused things. I think I'm going to put these tables on Facebook Marketplace as "free" since I don't need them and will probably never use them again.

At night, we watched half of the movie They're Trying To Kill Us, we stopped when my mom said she wanted to pray and go to sleep. We'll continue watching it tomorrow.

I did "that" before going to sleep and really enjoyed it, but I regret doing it, just like every time I did it.

Written by JustMegawatt

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