April 27, 2020

I become an alcoholic today

there is no way out.

Every possible way out, is shut down by cowardliness.

Eyes always on others' fault.

I shout,

I cry,

You still cannot hear me out.

There is no way out.

Except for

to become numb.

I chose alcohol in this way,

because there is no other way out.

Written by Mengmeng

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Posted On Apr 28, 2020

This is very dark. Now I'm just some random person on the internet, but I just want to tell you that alcohol is not the solution. Like ok, like a glass or to is cool, but you are not alone. Talk to whoever you can, and I, a random person, am going to send you a virtual hug :) Stay safe and I hope you feel better. Drink lots of water :)!

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