April 27, 2020

QTE god

RE4 highlight of the day: HGR saying "I am a QTE god" with newbie laughing maniacally in the background

This was the fight against Verdugo, who is a gimmicklord among gimmicklords. His main gimmick is that he has super armor, but there are liquid nitrogen canisters that you can tip onto him and temporarily remove his armor. Also, he constantly rains down QTEs to dodge. Also also, the hallways are nearly pitch black, which is intended for atmosphere, but mostly just results in HGR running face-first into walls because he literally cannot see the path.

There are four liquid nitrogen canisters, which, in theory, is enough to win the fight. The problem is that one of them is in a side room, and Verdugo literally refuses to enter that room. His claws can be on HGR's back as he steps across the threshold, and then POOF no Verdugo anywhere. It's like he sees the door and says "This could be a private domicile. It would be rude of me to enter. I will wait down the hallway."

newbie went looking online for ways to lure him into that room, but he couldn't find anything. Instead, HGR devised a simple, elegant two-step plan: (1) Use the three accessible canisters. (2) When they run out, JUST KEEP SHOOTING HIS DUMB FACE THROUGH THE SUPER ARMOR UNTIL HE DIES

  • [12:56 AM] meisnewbie: WHAT A GOD
  • [12:56 AM] meisnewbie: HGR
  • [12:56 AM] meisnewbie: HGR
  • [12:56 AM] meisnewbie: HGR
  • [12:57 AM] meisnewbie: he defeated the verdugo after half an hour after virtually memorizing the fight
  • [12:57 AM] meisnewbie: he dodged like 10 QTEs while at a magic pixel

(btw I think newbie's given up on the push-ups. He's doing lunges now, but not after every death, he would like collapse)

I said, "But the real question is, how much do you respect Leon Kennedy in mercs?"

"1 seems fair," said HGR.

rip in pieces leon kennedy

Written by Achaius

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Posted On Apr 29, 2020

I heard that Resident Evil 4 is the best game Capcom ever made, and is one of the best games for QTEs. A really good QTE game I liked was Heavy Rain, because the story for that game is amazing.

Posted On Apr 29, 2020

@JustMegawatt I've heard a lot about Heavy Rain, maybe I should play it someday.

Posted On May 06, 2020

@Achaius It is an awesome game, the story is great. That same company that made Heavy Rain makes a lot of other very good single player QTE story games.

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