Dec. 10, 2021

Won my second game, started on animation

After posting my entry yesterday I was bored and there was still some time to sleep so I decided to play some TFT (Teamfight Tactics) and well guess what? I fricking won my first ever game!!! To be honest, I've been playing that game for 3 weeks now and never really got 1st place, but yesterday I did! I was so happy I really had a good sleep too. All that learning and practice finally started to pay for itself. Also, I won my 2nd game today! Ya, that happened literally a few minutes ago as of writing this.

I also started on my animation today, I'll post the youtube video link here after I finish it and upload it.

I played one game of TFT with my online friend and her sister too! Too bad my power went down but I am sure I would've got first place again. Now I look bad in front of them but well I couldn't do anything.

Other than that the day was pretty normal, did my daily workout, and found out that I am getting closer to doing perfect splits. Getting flexible and stronger will really be my greatest achievement this year.

That's about it, see ya!

Written by 49asvk

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