April 28, 2020

2020: a space odyssey

Today's exciting mission: CURBSIDE GROCERY DELIVERY

Amazon Fresh doesn't deliver in our area, but Wal-Mart does. I placed my order last Friday morning (the 24th); today was the first available delivery time. Everything seemed in high demand. Several items sold out before I could check out. Most had a close replacement (e.g. swapping thin spaghetti x4 with linguini x4), but it wasn't exactly confidence-inspiring.

My roommate and I were both worried about this delivery, but for different reasons. I was worried about FOOD. What if they delivered to the wrong apartment building and I couldn't find the shipment or it got stolen? What if the stuff I ordered was out of stock? They had item limits that I attempted to circumvent by ordering similar items—four boxes of this pasta, four boxes of that pasta—but what if they didn't honor that?

My roommate, meanwhile, was worried about CONTAMINATION. We were going to wipe down all the groceries with Clorox wipes, but what if we missed a spot of virus and then one of us carelessly touched a box and then our face and that was it for us?

Anyway, this morning, I got a text from Walmart saying our groceries were on the way. I put on a mask for the first time and instantly felt very cool, like a space explorer embarking on a hazardous mission.

As I wheeled the space rover to the rendezvous point, my comms lit up. It was the delivery guy: he had arrived, but at the wrong coordinates. I guided him to my location. The transfer went entirely according to safety protocol—I stepped away from the rover, he placed the cargo inside, no contact. Once he left, I brought the rover back to the base for decontamination and processing.

Mission success! Turns out we got nearly everything we ordered. And in fact, they said they were out of one kind of pasta sauce so I swapped it for another, but I guess they got more of the original kind so they delivered BOTH and I don't have room in the cabinet for all this sauce. Life is good.

Written by Achaius

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Posted On Apr 28, 2020

Aw I'm glad your day was fun :3 A supermarket in Milano, called Esselunga (long S), delivers groceries to your doorstep, but usually warns their clients if they'r out of stock and ask two swap ingredients, but usually the first things you order will be found in the package :) My sisters boyfriend uses the home delivery from this supermarket, but is obviously not the only one, cause usually he has to make his order online at 2 am in the morning: it's the only time that the site doesn't block from overuse xD
You're so cute, you silly astronaut :D So wait, you didn't tell him to go directly to the address of your apartment o.o?

Posted On Apr 28, 2020

@pinenutes Yup, it's similar here! (for swaps) They sent an email a couple hours ahead of time explaining what substitutions they were doing. As for the address, I put it down right, but I think whoever wrote it on the order ticket accidentally put a 6 instead of a 5 so he was at the next building over.

Posted On Apr 29, 2020

I wish there was a like button XD I enjoyed your fantastical retelling of getting groceries.

Posted On Apr 30, 2020

@Cayst YES TOTALLY! That's what I was thinking ! WE NEED A LIKE BUTTON :D

Posted On Apr 30, 2020

@Cayst @pinenutes Thanks guys :D

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