April 28, 2020

The rustyness in me :3

I just finished studying NOW D: At 11 in the evening xD Like Cheesus xD Haha

Private law is much easier to swallow when you hear the teacher explain everything during the videolessons :) I find myself really into each lesson: today I learned the different ways one becomes an owner of a real estate or even just a property that is movable here in Italy. They were fairly easy to swallow, but sweet banana, it is a heavy one xD I'm going to have to review everything before I start the new lesson xD UUUUUH :D If I manage to wake up early tomorrow I want to start my videolessons on "History of the European Union" *__* Man, what happened to me? I've become... A NERD D: Nerd? Is that the right term xD? Cause when I looked for the word "secchione", which means somebody who is always studying, google translate said that the english term is "swot" xD? Like the only "swot" I know are the manga (a guy who studies intensely goes to a school where only bullies attend, so we follow him learning to beat people and find time to study xD it was nice, but then it started losing quality and in the end got cancelled. You know what, I'm just gonna reread it for funzies now) and the SWOT (strenght, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis that I learned in my marketing class xD (OH GOD I'M A NERD D:)

Anyhoo, my question was more: isn't there a better term than "swot"? xD I hope it's nerd, or else I look like a fool for using it in my journal all willynilly xD

In other news, I tried out YOGA today, since I haven't done my physical activities yesterday xD HOLY COW I suck xD HOW DO YOU DO IT @CAYST XD? I download the Nike Training Application and the moment I saw "Yoga" I was like "Hellz Yeah!" xD I was chatting with my boyfriend on zoom, cause he wanted to do some excercises with me today and so we did the yoga: a LOT of my bones cracked, and BY GUM I'M NOT FLEXIBLE AT ALL XD It was so hard to do downward dog xD HAHA Like even my boyfriend at a certain point said "Is yoga suppose to make you hate your own body? CAUSE IT'S WORKING! How the hell am I suppose to do that position?!?" xD Like I died. I was laughing so hard I couldn't keep my stance xD Props and a million points to all the people that do yoga, yes CAYST! A MILLION POINTS TO YOU TOO :D (I'm yelling happily :3)

But you know what, yeah ok, it killed, but I'm going to do it tomorrow TOO :D Why not xD? My boyfriend didn't seem convinced, but he did say he was going to do it with me xD We shall see, like the worst thing that could happen is that I do it by myself and hear all my bones pop xD Haha

Oh and poo, mosquitos are coming back D: I killed two today, but the war has just begun >:(

Anyhoo, hope you all had a great day xD haha !

Written by pinenutes

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Posted On Apr 28, 2020

As an American, I've never heard an American say "swot." I've occasionally heard it used by people from Singapore, as a verb ("she had to swot for exams") - so maybe it's British English only? I dunno. Nerd works.

Posted On Apr 28, 2020

How long did you study for? The whole day?! If so then wow, that's very commendable. The best yoga feat I have ever seen was in the 1970s (I think) with Yogi Coudoux, he's 6 feet tall 180 pounds and squished himself into a 15 inch box. That's not all. The box was submerged underwater for 4 minutes 45 seconds and he had to hold his breath the entire time. I thought he was dead at the end lol, go search for "Yogi Coudoux" on YouTube

Posted On Apr 29, 2020

I have literally never heard of swot until this journal entry! So I'd say nerd. Not that I'm calling you a nerd... And yoga depends on what you do! I'm doing very basic stuff. And I'm pretty flexible already so it isn't so bad, but everyone is different! Some poses are worse than others!

Posted On Apr 29, 2020

As a sibling of someone who's studying law, I can confirm how draining it must be to be reading all of those cases. Writing down case digests, memorizing articles and even analyzing court cases. I'm proud of you for being able to attend a virtual lecture.

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