Dec. 21, 2021

another peaceful day at home

Today was supposed to be our inaugural trip downtown, since my roommate had an eye checkup appointment. But he didn’t want to go. Like, more than usual. He got no sleep last night, because he was up playing games, and the night before he only got like four hours’ sleep. (A lesser person might have gone to sleep early to be well-rested for the trip, but he never adjusts his sleep schedule based on his obligations.)

Also, a trip downtown was dicey for me because of work. (My roommate is vision impaired, so I need to accompany him in unfamiliar surroundings.) I’m entitled to time off, but I forgot to ask in advance, and it’s a bit gauche to ask on the day itself. And it seemed like a potentially bad day for me to be out of the office. Shortly after I woke up, Jay called up with an emergency from our client K. We dealt with that fairly quickly, but it wasn’t clear if there would be any follow-up for me to deal with. Additionally, the boss is consulting with me on an ongoing labor issue. I could get a work call at any time.

So my roommate canceled his appointment. He rescheduled for late January (at 8:30 am eww), which was apparently the only available slot before May. His optometrist is in high demand.

I guess it’s just as well. I wanted to head downtown before we went together, so I could scout things out myself. If I take a wrong turn and go a block out of my way, it’s no big deal. It becomes a big deal with him in tow.

Written by Achaius

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