April 29, 2020




I tried to do the math task, but...

Even with the solution wich said A is all who bought this and B all who bought that I couldn't solve it... The numbers are so strange confusing. I have no idea... But at least it's not the one we had to dend her. Then I'll do VWL.

Also, the letter from the bank is here :)

Then I only have to go to the post office once.

Also I ordered the order on Amazon with my sisters birthday presents. Also I put in one cupcake book for me. Then I'll learn how to bake them :3

Mom made Almond Cones :3

I worked on my WIF Doku and managed to add two photos into one panel. And finished the tasks for W4. Made an apple tree.

Okay, I wanted to do VWL. Instead I did the WIF Doku. Anyway, then I'll dedicate tomorrow to VWL and the new English tasks we received today.

And I'll go to the post office in the morning to sent the letter from the bank, the one to KG and the one for the TRAX iniciative thing.


Written by Plesi`

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