April 29, 2020

Habitica Challenge: Failure

Yeh my edgy ass failed to study. The only thing I did was draw and send memes to my friends. And I was so dramatic here. Such an embarrassment. But the good news is, I've improved in my lineart. I did an awesome job with one of my drawings. I don't know how to add a photo in my entry so I'll just put the link in here. I'm proud of my drawing. I know that it still needs improvement. And it's a bit bland because of it just being a lineart. But the result did shock me. I showed it to my friends and they're also amazed by it. One of my friends who was with me since Grade 8, was impress because she've seen the improvement.

Things may have not went as planned but I've got a great result that have made my day.

Here's the link: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_jy0xjHcEA/?igshid=12ie1qgk5887c

Written by kyverno

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Posted On May 01, 2020

Very pretty :)

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