Dec. 30, 2021

New year in one day!

The new year is on its way, I was kinda hopeful about 2021 at first but it clearly wasn't the best year for the world. Many things happened, Rona vaccine was invented and distributed throughout the world. I passed my 12th grade without giving any exam like it is the most important grade and my whole state and some other states in my country passed all students based on some shitty formula by the government about averaging the marks of grade 10 and grade 11.

My first year of college started as well, got in touch with new people, lost touch with some old friends. All in all, it was an ok year for me.

My exams started on 28th so I was busy studying for that. I still have 2 papers remaining for tomorrow but I am somewhat done studying for them. Today I tried speed running my paper because I had studied all of the electronics logic gates and that stuff for literally 2 years now. So I managed to finish my electronics paper in 6 minutes. It was a small paper not gonna lie but it is still a 30-minutes paper done in 6-minutes, which is a great speed run for me.

Also, today I waxed and shaved my legs, and while I was shaving them in the shower I accidentally cut my left knee like 5 times. And I did not even realize that I'd cut myself until I saw red water flowing down the drain(ok it wasn't that red but still). But really I feel like I am getting stronger because I did not feel anything, and now it's not hurting at all. Btw this all happened 20 minutes ago as of writing this.

Written by 49asvk

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