Dec. 29, 2021

120 Push Ups and Weighed The Least All Year

11:48 PM (of Thursday, December 30th 2021)

Today is Wednesday, December 29th 2021 and it was mostly the same as yesterday (Tuesday). I woke up and basically just played Disney Melee Mania again, doing 10 push ups after every game and not count how many I was doing. I would just log 10 push ups every time I did them on my watch, and then continue playing a new game. I did 120 push ups total and I dominated Disney Melee Mania again like before, winning pretty much every game I joined, like a 80% to 90% win rate or something ridiculously high like that. I wrote about how I did it yesterday, and I was just doing the same thing today, using the same character and dominating.

I did my Spanish lesson today and we went over Haber for the first time. In 6 years of taking Spanish in middle school and high school, we never went over Haber ever, not once. It is apparently a very difficult verb to learn because it is a special verb that doesn't follow the rules like the others. Haber is a really weird verb, and I learned how to conjugate it into the present tense today.

Language is mainly about memorization and just learning the words and structure. Spanish is a little hard since each verb has like 100+ forms called "Conjugations". Let's do one in English, like "Walk" has at least three conjugations, "Walk", "Walking", and "Walked". So each verb has at least 3 form basically. If there's another form in Engish for verbs like "Walk", I am not able to think of any others. Anyway, Spanish has 100+ versions of each verb, so imagine "Walk" having 100+ different versions like "walkad", "walkig", and so on, and this again goes for every verb. Maybe "Walker" is also a conjugation?

Anyway in Spanish, for example the verb "Amor" which is "To Love" in Spanish, and I just took this from some guy's comment on Quora, but he posted it has at least this many conjugations:

  • Amo, amas, ama, amamos, amáis, aman, amé, amaste, amó, amamos, amasteis, amaron, he amado, has amado, ha amado, hemos amado, habéis amado, han amado, hube amado, hubiste amado, hubo amado, hubimos amado, hubisteis amado, hubieron amado, amaba, amabas, amaba, amábamos, amabais, amaban, había amado, habías amado, había amado, habíamos amado, habíais amado, habían amado, amaré, amarás, amará, amaremos, amaréis, amarán, habré amado, habrás amado, habrá amado, habremos amado, habréis amado, habrán amado, amaría, amarías, amaría, amaríamos, amaríais, amarían, habría amado, habrías amado, habría amado, habríamos amado, habríais amado, habrían amado, ame, ames, ame, amemos, améis, amen, amara, amaras, amara, amáramos, amarais, amaran, amase, amases, amase, amásemos, amaseis, amasen, haya amado, hayas amado, haya amado, hayamos amado, hayáis amado, hayan amado, hubiera amado, hubieras amado, hubiera amado, hubiéramos amado, hubierais amado, hubieran amado, hubiese amado, hubieses amado, hubiese amado, hubiésemos amado, hubieseis amado, hubiesen amado, amare, amares, amare, amáremos, amareis, amaren, hubiere amado, hubieres amado, hubiere amado, hubiéremos amado, hubiereis amado, hubieren amado, ama, amad, amar, amando.

That's like 200 conjugations or something like that. Every verb in Spanish has similar conjugations too, just like how every verb in English has a present tense like "Walking", a past tense like "Walked", and a normal version like "Walk". Like "Run" has "Running" and "Ran", Spanish also has these versions for every verb. It's hard to remember initially, but really easy and second nature after a while, just like everything else. Everything is initially hard, and then second nature with enough repetitions.

But yeah, I pretty much know all the basic conjugations of each verb in Spanish, so I can use them in normal conversations to say anything I want in the majority of cases. A lot of these conjugations above I don't know anything about. And you see how there's a lot of "two word" conjugations like "Habria Amado" and "Habra amado", the "Habria" and "Habra" are conjugations of Haber, which I don't know much about yet. I mean I have used phrases which included Haber before, like "hay no problema" for "there is no problem", apparently "hay" is a conjugation of Haber, and it is complicated.

Anyway after the Spanish lesson, I don't remember what else I did. I think I watched episode 12 of "Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan", which I never bothered watching before because I saw the thumbnail icon and I thought it was going to be about some "wise" teacher or something and I thought I was going to hate it and think it was filled with dumb "life lessons" while the main characters kill and eat animals needlessly. I think the idea we don't need to eat animals should be learned by everyone, it is seriously the dumbest thing we do today, we can solve so many of our issues today such as climate change, our health, this global pandemic, pollution, animal extinction, deforestation, etc. if we all just became a little wiser and stopped contributing to the most inhumane acts we perform today, it is literally in everyone's best interest.

So that was why I didn't bother watching it before, but after having watched it, I would rate "Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan" as a good and funny anime show, about life. It stars the main character who was a former champion gymnast who after retiring from sport works as an actor on a kid's show. He works sort of like that guy from "Blue's Clues" who interacts with the dog and other characters. There are also other characters in the show wearing anima costumes sort of like in Sesame Street, and also other co-hosts of the show. They each have their own stories, like the female lead is a failed idol so she is very pretty and can sing well but has a loser boyfriend who she complains about all the time but also wants to marry him, like what.

It is a hilarious show because all the main characters are miserable and they have to entertain these enthusiastic kids full of curiosity, life, and energy. The main character even talks about how even though he doesn't want to, he has to do his job or else he would starve, and he also has to obey everything his bosses say. And the bosses are these enthusiastic, energetic characters who keep telling the main characters what to do and it's just funny the contrast between how happy the bosses are with how miserable the workers are. In real life though, if you feel miserable in one role, being in a higher role such as boss or manager probably also won't make anything any better, because in most cases even our bosses have bosses, even the CEO has bosses, so you will still have a boss. I run my own company and I would say my clients are my bosses, if I don't do what they tell me, I don't get paid. Anyway I really liked the show.

I also weighed myself this morning and I weighed 197.9 pounds, the lightest I have been all year (except when I fasted, I think I dropped to 196 pounds). I can't wait to get to 190 pounds and then 180 pounds but that will have to wait until next year. I took a selfie and thought I looked good.

I messed up in the day though, in the evening I did "that" three times, and because I get hungry after each time I did "that", I probably ate like 3000 calories just at night alone, not including what I ate for the rest of the day. So I gained a bunch of weight again for the next day, which sucks.

Anyway that was my day today. I'd actually continue typing more, but I am rushing to end this because I am so sleepy now.

Written by JustMegawatt

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