Jan. 1, 2022

Went to a bunch of different places

10:54 PM

Today was a long day. I woke up, walked around for a bit, and then I reset the Habitica challenges. I thought changing the gem reward from 1 to 5 would increase amount of people participating in them, but it didn't. Same amount of people took part in them. So the gems as a reward don't really matter. I mean you can get one gem from winning a challenge, but you need 3 gems to buy the cheapest gem item other than the pet foods (which sell for 1 gem each, but they are really not worth it since they are so common), so it's pretty much not worth anything.

Then I messaged RadicallyWild again and told him we could hang out again today, and asked if he wanted to. He said sure, and so I ate breakfast, and then went to Manati, a city here, to meet up. He said he hadn't eaten anything yet, and asked me to get him some vegan protein bars in Walgreens. I checked out the bars they had, and they had Clif, Kind, Lara, and Bobo's bars that were vegan. I tried them all except Bobo's, and they were all good, so I bought 3 Bobo's bars and gave him two, and one was for myself.

I met up with him and we drove down to Mango Waterfall. He said there was this river he knew nearby there that we could stop at on the way. So we did stop there, and it was like this crazy waterfall with big freaking rocks super high from the water that we stood on top of, and there was this big pool of water, ginormous pool of water for the waterfall. Also to get there you had to climb down the side of this mountain going over rocks and other stuff. The more I hike through nature like this, using my entire body to move around, literally using both of my hands, having to crouch and grab onto tree branches and tree trunks and rocks and things making sure I don't slip or anything, the more alive and at the same time the more mortal I feel. Literally a single slip up could mean death, so I go through these routes as cautiously as possible.

So we stood on top of some rocks about 30 feet above the water. It was really high. I ask him if it was safe to jump down there into the waters safely below, if it was deep enough, and he said it was. I asked him if he had done it before, and he said no. But anyway, he did it. So there are different levels with these rocks, you can climb down to as low as 7 feet above the water, and as high as like 40 feet above the water. He jumped from like 25 feet or so from the rocks down into the water and then he climbed back out and told me to try it.

I was ilke, no way did I want to try that because it was so high. So I climbed down to some lower rocks, like 20 feet above the water, and I just looked down, and iit was so high. But yeah, it was as safe as possible basically, because he had already jumped from an even higher height, and the water below was super deep. He kept urging me to do it, to just jump and face my fears, and I was standing there for like 20 minutes just being told to do it. But I couldn't do it. So I climbed all the way down to the lowest rock, like 7 feet above the water, and jumped in. The water was freezing, and it was deep. I couldn't see the bottom or anything because it was murky.

I swam over to these other rocks on the side, and that is how I had to pull myself out of this lake or giant pond or whatever this pool of water was that was below the waterfall. It was so hard to pull myself up. I grabbed some rocks and tried, but they were slippery, and the water was sort of deep though it was less deep on this side and I was able to stand up, but it was still hard to climb. So I just kept trying and trying, and eventually using all my force, somehow I lifted myself up and got up on this rock, and climbed all the way back up, mountain climbing basically. Like I literally had to grab rocks and put my feet in rock crevices and such, to pull myself up, and it was not easy at all. Somehow I made it up to the top again.

He jumps again from an even higher height 30 feet high, and tells me to try the 20 feet again. I said no, and so we moved on. We climb further down the side of the river, again over rocks and terrain and stuff. I literally have to always grab rock handles with my hand in order to move around here. This is crazy. Again the more I go around nature like this, the more alive I feel, but also the more mortal I feel. We take a bunch of photos near the bottom, and that's where my first photo is. It looks like the water below isn't super high up, but I would estimate it to be like 20 feet above the lowest level water at least. Also it was not safe to go into that second water level below, because the waterfall current would just push you down into the rocks below.

After that we continue our drive to Mango Waterfall. Geez so many random events there, but I am so sleepy. I flew my drone around there, and there were these two other women there that also brought their drone. So that was so random and cool. I thought I was cool for having a drone, then these women also have one and weren't surprised by mine. The two pictures are of Mange Waterfall, and it was a cool place. I mean the waterfall itself was tiny, but this pool of water here was very nice to swim in. I lied down in one of the rivers, and I got a photo taken of me swimming around this lake or pond or pool or whatever this body of water is called at the bottom of this small waterfall. This body of water was tiny actually compared to the previous one, that one was gigantic and super deep. I don't even know if I can touch the bottom of that one This one was not that deep, maybe 8 to 10 feet deep at the deepest.

It is so weird how less safe and dangerous nature like this is. I mean, contrast this with swimming in a pool. In a swimming pool the water is probably 8 feet or something at the deepest, most of the time though it is 5 feet deep, while the other giant pond or whatever I swam in, no pictures of that here, was probably like 50 feet deep or something. It was so freaking deep it was terrifying. Also there's no straight paths in nature like this, I had to climb rocks and so much, so so much, compared to just walking on the sidewalk for example.

I am so sleepy.

At home, I watched some of A-Bas-Le-Ciel's videos. It has been a while since I got on YouTube to watch anything. I think he is a great educational channel for people. I took some very nice advice from him today. I was going to buy a Nintendo Switch at some point in the future, then he posted some videos about how that was bullshit, because of the cost of money and time and life, he was llke "stop buying Nintendo's shit" so I didn't. He is a great educational channel that talks about lots and lots of topics and recommends staying off drugs, staying away from video games, and obviously going and staying vegan.

That was my first day of the year today.

8:25 AM (of Sunday, January 2nd 2022)

I uploaded some domination photos from Disney Melee Mania that I played tonight (Saturday, Jan 1st). I only played 3 games so I could get the 3 wins required per day for this Mickey event. I won all 3 games and basically completely dominated them.

in one photo, my team had 69 points and 13 gems vs their 1 point (you start with 1 point) and 1 gem (you start with 1 gem. To win, you need 70 points and you get these from killing an enemy from the other team (5 points) or a monster unit. So this entire game, they did not kill anything the whole time, while we killed them more than 10 times. So we dominated them.

In the other game, it was a spotlight capture game, you have to stand on these spotlights to earn points. Only one team can capture a spotlight at a time, and my character is unstoppable in these games. We had 81 points to their 3, and a few seconds after this screenshot, we won. You need 90 points to win win spotlight capture, so we had 90 to 3 by the end of the game. Another complete domination game.

i played 18 games total between today and yesterday, and I won all except 1. That is like a 95% or higher win rate or something. 17 wins to 1 lose. Crazy right?

7:43 PM (of Sunday, January 2nd 2022)

I just wanted to add that we drove through this "hell road" as we called it, which my GPS told us to go through to get to Mango Waterfall. Man what a lie!!!! This was the craziest road I have ever been on. It is literally just this road enough for one car, just tire tracks the width of a car is the entire road basically, but guess what, it is a two lane road!!! Yeah!! Anyway it goes zig zagging around the mountain and it's a dirt road, and it goes up and down, very steep hills at times. So yeah we called this road hell road because it was crazy hard to drive through. We were lucky there wasn't anyone coming opposite side, but it would have been crazy if there were, because there was no place to park or anything to let another person through. The sides were basically cliffs most of the time, so you couldn't veer to the side or you just fall off.

I also wanted to add more commentary in those domination games in Disney Melee Mania. I mean, those scores are ridiculous right? When I say I dominate my games and that I've won 17 games out of 18, I mean I literally dominate the games indescribably. Total domination and annihilation, the other teams do not even stand a chance most of the time. Imagine playing a game like chess and dominating so much you capture all of the enemy team's pieces without them capturing a single one of yours, I dominate like that in basically all my games. Like it is pretty crazy how unbeatable I am at this game.

Written by JustMegawatt

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