April 29, 2020

There is where I will save my journal

Hello everyone, this is daily journal of farih.

Yesterday I talk about a potential to lose data of my journal from this site. Then I decide to backing it up to my blog.

I am using free blog service, you should be possible to. Maybe you have know about blogger, hmm.. not "blogger" in general term, I mean blogger site.

The original one that hosted at blogger.com, what you need is just a google account.

Once you open it's you will realize that blogger is hosted by google. And because that reason, I choose that site. My blog that I created at 2007, still there and still live. So, it's good one to save your journal, I recommended it.

Btw, because I like to how my blog looked good too, looking for template that suit my self is a bit challenge and fun journey though.

I can't recommend any site, just google "blogspot template" then you will found bunch of site that providing template. And maybe one of them suit your taste, you will need explore a little to get best suit template. It consume time, but it's fun. So try it, ;)

Ok then, see you next day. Bye.

*Note: I found out this site may be useful for you when looking blogger template. (gooyaabitemplates.com)

Written by kangfarih

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