April 29, 2020

Lazy Day :3 !

I'm going to keep this journal short :) Mostly cause today was LAZY DAY :D

My body was like "Don't do ANYTHING", so I just skipped my studies. Mostly cause it makes no sense to force myself to learn a subject if then I was going to have to work triple times to get the concept in my head @.@

I did do yoga today :D It wasn't as painful as yesterday, but i did suffer xD It made me lots of planks :'( Why D: !?!? Planks stink :(

Oh and I did the weekly shopping xD First I went to Tigotà to buy tissue paper and paper towels and when I gave the card to the cashier she was like "I applied the coupon, cause somebody is celebrating their birthday in this period :D" and I stared at her like "Who?" cause my fathers birthday is in November, while mine is in September, my mother in June and my sister is basically in January xD and she said "Here there's [Mom's name] that had her birthday on the 24 of April :D" and I was like "Oh. Well. I didn't tell her happy birthday, then" and she was laughing and said "Maybe we inserted her birthday wrong xD" and I was like "It's fine" xD So during dinner I looked at my mother and wished her a Happy Birthday xD She was confused xD

(I will answer your comments tomorrow D: Sorry, I'm late and I have to meet up with some friends to play online xD) Hope ya'll had a great daaay :D

Written by pinenutes

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