April 29, 2020

dad's great egg heist

Meanwhile, at Mom and Dad's house, a pair of geese made a nest in the yard along the water's edge. One goose sits on the nest while the other patrols. Dad's been hungrily eyeing that nest for the past week.

Last Thursday, he got his opening. "I was mowing this afternoon," he announced. "As you know, that not-so-smart goose made its nest right at the edge of the mowing path. When I got close enough, it jumped into the lake—abandoning its nest with SIX eggs. Whoa! What's there left for me to do but lean over and pick up the largest one."

Dad finished his mowing on Monday, and also finished yoinking all the eggs. They're a beautiful mottled brown and white, and they're enormous, easily twice the length of a chicken egg. Dad's looking forward to his egg feast. Wonder if the goose will lay more eggs or just abandon the nest.

Written by Achaius

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